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Previously: The designers created a look for the Broadway revival of Godspell. Mondo won the challenge (specially judged by the amazing Sutton Foster) and Kara, having danced with boring and safe one too many times, hoofed it out of there.

Mila begins the show by telling us that she feels that the judges, though they hate her work, admire her for her risk-taking, as opposed to Kara's safe-playing approach. I hope she realizes that she just described herself as the winner in a lesser-of-two-evils sort of situation. Kenley and Austin are sitting on the couch together at the Flatotel and Kenley says to Austin that she's not sure how things are going to be now without Kara. Austin interviews that Kara deserves to be in the competition more than Jerell or Mila. Wow. Jerell I can definitely see. I don't get any of it. But, he says "definitely design-wise" and I'm not sure that pertains to Mila. She can be a bore, but there's something precise about her vision. I'm actually torn about her this season. She has become a bit rigid about her "brand" and that's not incredibly interesting, but I can't say that I really blame her. Is reality getting in the way of my enjoyment of reality television? Wah. All of that said, Kenley and Austin apparently pronounce Kara's name in two different ways. Who's right? The pedestrian "eh" versus the continental "ah"? Someone contact Janx. We needs to know. Austin tells Kenley that he thinks it might be difficult to get inspired with Kara's presence, which I think may be the biggest compliment that anyone has ever given her. And, you can't really take that away from a person, can you? But, he says that he and Kenley have each other, so they will carry on.

The designers meet Angela on the lawn of the United Nations Building. Clever. As a piece of design, that building is like top 5 in New York. It's freaking sublime. Michael says, "We're at the UN. How cool is that? I've never been there before." Heh. I don't know. There's something really funny about that line to me. It's as if someone was like, "Look Michael, we're all ready to go home. But, NO ONE is leaving this room until you say something about the UN Building in present tense. No, I get it! You have no feelings about the place, YOU'VE MADE THAT CLEAR. But, you're going to say something about it. You reach down into that mind of yours and you find something. Hey! Think of something you've heard someone else say! It doesn't matter! Anything! Now, look, you can keep on crying or you can look into this fucking camera and say something about that damn building as if you're there even though you're here and you will do it in 3...2...fucking do it."

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