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The episode starts at the runway, because we can't afford helicopters every week. Alyssa brings out Nina Garcia, which excites everyone. It's like a visit from the real show! Nina will bring out five fashion bloggers from something called Style Haul, which is not something I have previously heard about. But the only fashion bloggers I know anything about are the Fug Girls, so you shouldn't go by me. Each designer will be assigned a blogger and they'll work as a team to create an outfit that represents their guess at a big trend for 2014. Then the blogger will be the model, which means it's an "everyday woman" challenge. That phrase is Christopher's, and I think it's an interesting way to describe the non-model models. And there's one more key piece of information: the Pantone color of the year for 2014 (which is its own fascinating subject) is "Radiant Orchid." Everyone claims to love that color, which they have to include in their designs. Incidentally, Seth Aaron does an interview in here wearing the stupidest giant glasses ever. I don't think they have lenses, but even if they did, they'd be going out of their way to look ridiculous. Nina will shoot a video with the winning look for the front page of Style Hall, and Pantone is kicking in a stay at the Pantone Hotel in Brussels. Did you know Pantone had a hotel?

The designers return to the workroom and select their bloggers. Korto goes with Carli from Jackson, New Jersey. Christopher gets Fleur from London, England. Seth Aaron takes Gigi from Toronto, Canada because he likes her androgynous facial lines. Elena takes Dulce from Los Angeles, California. And Viktor gets Jarmaine, also from Los Angeles. All of the bloggers appear to be attractive young women. They watch videos, where the bloggers say things like how they sometimes put their hair in buns instead of combing them. I'm not convinced this woman's name is really "Fleur De Force," but I'm willing to go along with it. Dulce Candy is a "beauty blogger," which I'm also not convinced is a thing. Jarmaine goes by the name "jlovesmac," which I assume is a reference to the make-up line. I hope so, anyway. Carli runs the Beauty Byble Blog, and we see her explaining hair care. These people are getting a huge signal boost for their blogs, aren't they? Style Haul was down for the entire time I was writing this recap, so I can't even tell you what the site looks like. It's just a grid of "loading" icons for me. Gigi is "Gigi Gorgeous" and is transgender. I only mention that because Seth Aaron said it first. I think I've seen Willam (from RuPaul's Drag Race) make fun of Gigi's videos, so that's something.

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