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The designers are back on the runway. Dom wins. That's fair; her dress was the most pattern-y. And this was the challenge she was expected to do well at. Bradon and Helen are also in. Alexander is out. Just like that! Chop! Kate and Justin are still standing there. Alexander goes to the back, and he's a little shocked. Justin is in. He hugs Kate on his way back, and they exchange that "I love you" symbol everyone's been talking about. Heidi tells Kate she's out. Aww. Sorry, Kate. If it helps, you did really well! In the back, people are shocked that Kate's out in the double elimination. Kate says she was expecting it. Helen is particularly devastated. Kate says she's learned you need to know who you are as a designer. Tim comes in and sends Alexander and Kate off to clean up. Kate takes it a lot harder than Alexander.

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