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Alexander says he's never decorated cakes and claims that the religious overtones were on purpose. Heidi thinks his brown print isn't cake-like. Zac thinks there's nothing sweet and sexy about the dress. Heidi thinks the stripes look like he left the masking tape on. Peter finds the fabric very stiff, and he doesn't think the elements work together. Nina likes the print, and she thinks that it could have worked. But not here, oh dear, no. Helen's up next, and she won't commit to whether she thinks she did well or poorly. Heidi likes the print and the midriff. The dress is awfully tight, but not dangerously so. Zac likes that she decided to make two pieces. Nina liked the ecru, which goes well with white. Peter kind of reluctantly says, "It's pretty cool." He's not in love with it, but he doesn't hate it. Kate's last, and she's in trouble. Nina just says, "Oh god." There's not enough of the print. And the five pleats are terrible. There's also a belt, which no one understands. Peter didn't even see the print because of all the pleats. And the bust is awful. Heidi just calls it ugly. Zac has the model turn around, and there are a lot of problems around the butt.

Heidi shoos them all to the back room. There's a lot of worry about the possibility of a double elimination. Alexander thinks there are too many of them to go to Fashion Week. Kate is in tears about getting this close. Yeah, her second chance is going really well. Helen admits that she wouldn't have gotten this far without Kate.

Time for the close-ups! Heidi thinks Bradon's look is "how a girl should look right now." Zac loves the stretchy tube dress. Everyone loves how well that came out. They also love Dom's dress. And they love Dom herself; Zac is pleased with how enthusiastic she is. Their favorite thing about Helen's dress is the combination of ivory and white. Their second-favorite is having it be in two pieces. Zac also enthuses about her seam work. Kate's dress is even worse close up. They don't like how the print got cut up, but Tim says it looked even worse as unaltered yardage. Heidi points out that the pleats aren't even all at the same height. Zac agrees with Peter that Justin's dress looks very pageant. Tim says that Alexander understands what his dress looks like, and he's proud of it. I agree with Heidi: it's just white tape! Zac says, "Let's just say this didn't become a holy experience." That's not all that funny, but Tim cracks up, and Zac looks so proud of himself. He practically wriggles with glee.

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