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Heidi comes out and reminds everyone about being in one day and out the next. She also recaps the entire show to this point. The judges are Zac, Nina (back from her one-episode hiatus), and Peter Som. Let's go!

Bradon's look is fine. His pattern looks great as a jacket, and the stretchy tube made a nice skirt. Justin's dress does have the same silhouette as the other one he did, but his pattern is pretty. Kate's dress is a horrorshow. She's got a shapeless top attached to a skirt that would be boring if it didn't have four wings attached to it. So instead it looks ridiculous. And not "fashion-ridiculous." Alexander's dress has this big cross in the middle, pulling focus from the pattern. It looks like it was done with white duct tape. It looks cool from the back, because when you have an attractive model, you can't go wrong with going backless. Dom's dress looks great. It's not hiding from its print the way some of the other dresses are. Alexandria's garment is terrible. The skirt still looks like it was thrown together in thirty seconds. The vest looks like a scrap of leather safety-pinned around the model's bust. The edges are not finished. Alexandria claims that it's cool and well-made. It is neither of those things. Heidi looks like it has broken her brain. Helen's dress looks fine. She needs to calm down.

Heidi tells Alexandria she's safe. She shouldn't be. Everyone else is in the top and bottom. Heidi warns that "one...or more of you will be out." She starts with Dom, who demonstrates that she remembers what her inspiration does (he's the microlending guy). Zac thinks the dress is "runway-ready" and praises specific details. Nina points out that Dom loves color and prints, and she did great. Heidi thinks it's vibrant, which is what you say about something with pink and black. Peter thinks there's "a global aspect," but doesn't find it costume-y. Justin talks about love and points out the hidden symbol. Heidi thinks everything but the corset is bad. The skirt part is poorly attached. She thinks it looks "old fart-y." Nina wishes the dress would have been shorter. Peter says the bottom half is depressed and needs therapy. Zac also hated it, and says so at great length. Bradon claims his perpendicular lines are a birds-eye-view of the city. Heidi wants the bomber jacket removed so they can see the sexy dress. Everyone loves the dress. Nina says that if the print were music, it would be jazz. She means it in a good way. Helen is quietly counting the top and bottom looks to see where she lands.

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