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Bradon takes his stretchy tube and pulls it over the top of his mannequin. It looks great! It's form-fitting and everything, so he jokes that he might be done already. Helen is concerns that what she's doing is dumb-looking, and Kate encourages her. Bradon does not like the way Alexander's dress looks kind of nun-like: "Just because Alexander's last name is Pope doesn't mean he has to make priest costumes. My last name's McDonald and I don't make dresses out of French fries." All right, that's a pretty good burn, Patrice. There appears to be a giant white cross in the middle of Alexander's dress.

Time for the fitting! Bradon's doing a neat thing with his neckline. Helen is vague about what decade she's going to end up in. Kate is obsessing with getting her waistline right. After the models leave, Dom tries on her own dress. It's very Dom. Justin's dress has a lot of overlapping greys, and it's starting to hurt his eyes. Helen continues to panic, and Dom tells her to stop freaking out. Seriously, stop it. In the kitchen, Alexandria and Alexander gossip about how Helen keeps crying. Her inspiration is an actual artist, which should be easy! Alexandria feels that Helen requires too much hand-holding.

The next morning! Already! Most of the designers are confident in their goofy dresses. Helen is not. She has, however, finally decided what she's making: a crop-top and "a really cute full-length skirt." She speculates that it might be grunge, but she doesn't like Dom's suggestion of Courtney Love. Tim comes in to talk of hair, make-up, and thoughtful use of accessory walls. The models come in and claim to love everything. Kate's dress looks like a disaster. The fit is all over the place. It's lumpy and weird. Alexander thinks there's way too much. Helen likes her design much more now that it's on the model. Alexandria is concerned with the big white cross in the middle of Alexander's dress. It's very bold. Dom points out that Alexandria's vest looks sloppy. Hey, so did her drop-crotch pants, and she got away with them.

Hair! It doesn't matter! Make-up! It also doesn't matter! No one has ever won or gone home because of the hair or make-up. Tim comes in and says everyone has ten minutes. The designers do last-minute planning about when the models should do their shocking mid-runway reveals. Alexandria's model and Alexandria decide that Kate's model looks like "a giant tampon." Oh dear. Tim comes in and says the muses will be sitting with the designers at the runway. Makes sense, right? Okay, no more waiting. It's time!

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