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The next morning, the designers file into the workroom, where the textiles have been delivered. They ooh and ahh about how great everything is. Dom thinks Bradon's looks like plaid, which she finds kind of boring considering he started with a cool BMX rider. Helen likes her star-covered fabric, but she doesn't know what she's going to make with it. Dom wants to do a simple dress, which I think will be difficult with these giant pink and black lines she's made. Helen panics about her clothes, and everybody rolls their eyes about how she always has a crisis of confidence. The consensus is that she should make her own decisions at this point in the competition.

Tim comes in, and he seems unhappy about how quiet the room is. He loves Dom's print. She's making "a really basic body-con dress." Where she says "body-con," everyone else just says "tight." She's disassembling her fabric, so the black-and-white part goes in the center of the dress, and the big pink lines form the sleeves. That's interesting to me, because most people just let the pattern be a pattern, but she's figured out a way for this one fabric to provide two or three different patterns for different parts of the dress. Tim likes the sleeves. Bradon is making a bodice and skirt out of his fabric. And the skirt goes all the way to the floor, which Tim finds perplexing. He's just perplexed by the whole thing, so he walks away. Bradon decides to ditch the skirt. Kate started with a dress that looked like it had a blouse under it, and now she's adding pleats. Tim shrugs and tells her to keep going. Justin demonstrates the "I love you" symbol in his pattern. Tim tells him to cut the straight line. Helen sniffs that Justin's doing another strapless fitted silhouette, although she admits that she doesn't have any plan at all, so she can't really point fingers. Tim comes to her, and she admits that she's lost in a world of prints. She seems to want Tim to tell her what to do. He sternly tells her to make it work. Her only idea is to start cutting and sewing and hope that it results in something cool. Seems risky. But no more risky than just not doing anything.

After the commercial, Helen is still freaking out. Tim brings her over to his side of the table and gives her a basic lesson in prints. She's blocked out a skirt, so she knows where the seams are going to be. Now she has to take her print and figure out what will look good. And maybe relax a little. Kate interviews that she has confidence that Helen will figure it out. Tim gives her a pep talk, and reminds her that she's stuck with this print, so she has to go with it. On to Alexandria: she's making an A-line miniskirt. That can't be right, can it? I swear it's what she said, but miniskirts don't really have enough length to have a particular shape. She's having trouble with the top, although she's considering a leather vest. Justin thinks the skirt looks like she's just wrapped some newspaper around the hips. Tim tells her to focus. Alexander's chocolate latticework has resulted in a pattern that's mostly brown, but with some white lines radiating out. He claims he's going to go for a futuristic silhouette, which I think means it's going to look ridiculous. You can always get away with blaming the future! Tim thinks it looks "clerical," and Alexander is okay with that. He means like in the church (think "D&D cleric"), not secretarial. When Tim leaves, Alexander declares that Tim just doesn't get him, and he's not changing his look. Famous last words. Tim tells the whole room they're overthinking everything, adding that they should go with their viscera.

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