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Ryan has a bunch of large paintings that are actually "a combination of photography and abstract expressionism," which basically means giant photos that he drew on. Don't get me wrong; they look cool. He starts by taking a photo of Helen, and then they spray paint on a canvas. So the paint comes first, and then the photo gets added after that, which is the opposite of what I expected. Then he adds more paint. Helen thinks it's neat, because her parents are both painters. But she never works with prints, so she's still nervous. Thiago is in charge of desserts and specialty cakes at this restaurant, and Alexander is concerned about combining cakes with clothing. He has a costume background, and he doesn't want to accidentally make a parade float or something. Thiago makes him decorate a cake, and he has trouble with the airbrush. He sniffs, "That's not my style, is to do cake-like things."

Okay, enough of that. Back to the workroom. Alexander has his cake. And everyone gets what Dom infuriatingly refers to as "fancy new 'puters." Ugh. Please don't. I understand the need for HP product placement, but I will not stand for calling them "puters." Tim comes in, acts surprised at the souvenirs, and explains the whole challenge again. And then it's time to start designing prints! Dom loves the whole experience. Alexander decides he kind of likes his chocolate ribbons. Kate is having trouble making a floral print out of tiny little dots, and she uses the phrase "binary code" so many times that I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what it means. Justin starts with a design that represents the sign language for "I love you" because Nana was so loving. And it's abstract enough that people won't recognize it right away, which is something he does all the time anyway. Alexandria has a lot of rectangles because of how bricks are shaped. Bradon is doing a bunch of horizontal and vertical lines, which he claims represent Nigel's "energy through the city." Kind of a stretch. And then Tim comes in to drag them to Mood.

Mood! Suggested budget is one hundred dollars. Go! It's a little frantic. Kate's splurging so she can make a big fancy dress. Tim tells Bradon it's okay to spend six dollars on a zipper: "Spend it. Spend. Money." I want that as a ringtone. Tim recommends to Justin that he use a fabric from the lighter end of his pattern. Justin is making a gown so he can demonstrate gown-making ability. Bradon is getting a stretchy tube fabric for no better reason than that he thinks it's neat. I think that's fine, right? Kate is spending $258, well above the suggested budget. If she's got it, I like the idea of just having a more expensive garment than everyone else. Tim sends them all back to the hotel, where I think they get to spend a relaxing afternoon and evening off from the show.

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