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Previously: We met the 16 designers for the season. The first challenge was to create a look from a bed sheet and the pajamas on their bodies. Josh C., a Mormon former banker, barely made the cut with some ill-fitting shorts and a tank top. But, it was Rafael, with those pants... I'm still thinking about those pants. Rafael was sent home so he could think about them too.

Nina and Michael are in the title sequence now. As Tim Gunn might say, I'm not sure it's promoting of the spirit of seriousness of purpose of the competition to have our esteemed judges jumping around in front of a green screen. Maybe that's just me.

It's morning at the Atlas building! Josh C. tells his roomies that he's feeling better today because he can only go up... hopefully. He interviews that he's hung up on the critique that he got. For the next challenge, he's not so interested in winning as staying in the game. Bryce says that they should use Rafael's empty bed as motivation to work hard. Josh M. says that it was "different" to not have Rafael, the dude that he's known all of maybe 36 hours or something, in the apartment. He says that he'll miss him and his hair.

In one of the lady-filled apartments, Kimberly cracks that Rafael is probably back home entering Beyonce lookalike contests. This joke is met by guffaws. Lame. He looks nothing like Beyonce. Justin Bieber? Oddly, yes. But, not Beyonce. I guess you don't actually have to look like her to enter the contest though. And, the pants... I'm just saying that we know he doesn't have the best judgment. But, seriously, those pants that he made. I don't think I can get over them.

Anya explains to the girls that the six designers that were chosen for the top and bottom during the previous challenge judging were all surprised. Anya interviews that being in the top 3 makes her feel like she can DO this. Back in one of the boy huts, the guys are joking to Bert about how they're all gunning for him. Wait, that's "joking" with Bert. He replies that it's a small price to pay for being fabulous and everything seems weird and charged, like this is some weird production of The Children's Hour. I don't ever really need to see another production of that play.

The designers head for Parsons and are greeted on the runway by Heidi. Whoever is doing her hair and makeup this season is doing a bang up job. She looks fantastic. She tells them that the next challenge is designed to help them "unleash" their creativity. Oh, leashes. I get this. Josh M? His first thought is some sort of fetish/S&M thing. He's a sicko. They're going to meet Tim at 14th and Avenue B (three blocks from my former apartment, as well Life "La Vie Boheme" Cafe) for details.

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