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Model Clients

Previously: the designers worked as teams, and there was much drama. Jay loved it and predicted that a bitch might get stabbed. Kevin won the rock and roll challenge. Wendy crapped on Austin, and there was mutual crapping between Kevin and Nora. Vanessa was eliminated because she can't sew. Only eight designers remain!

It's morning at the Atlas apartments and Austin arises in gingham PJs with a matching scarf -- very Little Lord Fauntleroy meets Jethro from The Beverly Hillbillies. He interviews that Wendy talked smack about him on the runway. Wendy, for her part, interviews that she thinks her relationship with Austin has "suffered." He is playing wounded and that "doesn't sit well with" her: "I don't like that." You could easily dub over what Wendy is saying with the sentences "Austin can go fuck himself. Like I give two shits how he feels," and the facial expressions that she is using would work perfectly. However, if you just look at the words she said, it sounds like she is bothered that Austin might be mad at her. Suddenly, the Dichotomy finds itself completely represented in ONE sentence. Wendy is saying something like an asshole, but the words are nice. If I were competing against Wendy Pepper, she'd totally beat me because she's so confusing. And, because I can't design or sew.

Nora acknowledges in her interview that she behaved inappropriately during the previous challenge. As she is sitting on the edge of the bathtub in the apartment, she rasps that she deserves to be there because she works so hard. As Jay is cleaning the kitchen (I'm always impressed when I see a person cleaning his space on a reality TV show), he says that Vanessa's elimination was a wake-up call. Not the kind of wake-up call where you go, "Oh God, I'm next." More "Hey, I might win Project Runway. That's funny." You forget that, as inevitable as a lot of victories seem on these competition shows, most of the contestants probably imagine themselves losing. At least, they probably only think in terms of how long they can hang on. Anyway, Jay says that he's feeling competitive for the first time on the show.

At the runway, here comes Heidi with the button bag. "Just to keep things a little interesting" (yeah, the designers seem bored), she is going to have them pick their models before she gives them the challenge. Kevin gets first pick, because he won the previous challenge. He chooses Olga. Jay chooses "Morganza" (that's Morgan), which I find really odd. What about Julia? Austin picks up the slack and chooses Julia. Nora chooses last, and the remaining models are Melissa and Audrey. She chooses Melissa. Backstage, the models mourn. Holy crap, Audrey is seventeen years old! She interviews that she is a senior in high school and still has "a little bit of stuff to do." Take care, Audrey!

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