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Does This Hat Make Moi's Ears Look Fat?
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I love it when they cut right to it. Here's Angela Lindvall on the runway. She has really gorgeous legs. She tells the designers that their challenge is to create a flamboyant cocktail dress for one of the most famous fashionistas in the world. So, I guess "fashionista" is just totally part of the lexicon now, huh? It's not going the way of the "feminazi." I guess we'll all just have to deal with that.

Everybody has dressed this famous fashionista. Austin's guesses are Madonna, Cher and Lady Gaga. Man, if you could count the number of times Cher and Gaga have been invoked as possible judges. The name of the diva? Miss Piggy. Oh, hell yes. I used to listen to Miss Piggy's Aerobique Workout every day on my way to junior high and it is still like the very height of comedy genius in my mind. Everybody is psyched.

Apparently, Piggy needs a new dress to wear while promoting The Muppets. Anthony says that the show is really pulling out the talent from their toenails. I think I know what he means. Miss Piggy will judge the runway show! Michael says that he is so excited to design for her and she's a dream client. Well, that's just ridiculous. No one loves Miss Piggy like I do, but how would you even conceive to dream about designing for her. Whatever, I'm just being grumpy. They're only getting a day for the challenge.

Back at the workroom, everyone gets to work sketching. Mila says that knowing that luminaries such as Marc Jacobs and Burberry have designed specifically for Miss Piggy makes her feel that she shouldn't make anything too "silly" because they wouldn't do that. She's going to make a 60's mod look. Kenley says that she loves Miss Piggy. She grew up watching the movies and TV stuff and she reminds her of herself. That's not too far off, actually. There have been moments where I felt like Kenley's next move would most certainly be a vocalized karate chop. April says that Piggy has a lot of va-va-voom. Michael says that his 7-year-old loves Muppets Babies. I do too. Has there been a DVD release of that amazing cartoon yet? My cousins and I were obsessed with it, because we had good taste.

The designers head to Mood and Austin says that, while every designer does it differently, he usually knows what he's looking for when they get there. He's thinking a pink bow moment. Gordana is feeling the pink too. Austin says that he feels like everyone is having a lot of fun with this challenge.

Gordana says that, while it seems the other designers are making structured looks, she wants to make something free-flowing and feminine. Those are traits she associates with Miss Piggy. Now, she's feminine, but free-flowing and youthful? Not so much. Mondo thinks that her dress is lovely, but that it's not the right design for this challenge. She's not making enough of a statement.

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