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Alyssa comes out with a bow tie draped over her neck. I like that look, but it's usually reserved for people who were legitimately wearing the bow tie earlier in the evening. She has the designers recap who's won how many challenges: Christopher and Elena have each won one, Korto's won two, and Seth Aaron hasn't won any. That doesn't go anywhere, so we move on to the week's challenge, which is Ready To Wear. The client is a fashion house based in the Garment District of New York: Michelle Smith and her label Milly. This excited Elena, because Milly has a lot of bright colors. They'll be using Michelle's custom fabrics and making something that will be sold for $400. They get two days, for once.

The designers walk through the Garment District (past a sign that labels it the Fashion District) to the Milly offices, where they meet Michelle Smith. She uses the words "urban" and "tribal" before reminding the designers that the Milly line is "feminine, with an edge." And their sketches will need to be approved by the CEO, which is a rare note of realism on this show.

The four designers are let loose into the production room, where people are trying to work. Korto goes for a very colorful print, surprising no one. Christopher picks out a vegan stretch leather. Seth Aaron is excited about what he describes as a "stop-sign-ish fabric," although it's black and white, not red. And the polygons are hexagons, not octagons. I'm not sure he knows what a stop sign looks like. Elena pulls some neon yellow nonsense, because that's who she is. She's very into the Milly aesthetic

It's time to start sketching, and I'm so sick of racerback dresses. Sorry, Korto, but they were so overdone last season. I really like Christopher's sketch. I'm so-so on the dress, but he's done some really interesting shading. And if he did the face that's on the sketch, I like that he took the time to do it. Well, there's an eye missing, but still. It looks cool. He's doing a tribal print chiffon skirt, which sound crazy. Elena is doing a look that looks just like all her other looks.

Andrew Oshrin is the CEO of Milly, and the designers have to get his approval. He rejects Seth Aaron's zipper, allows small amounts of leather for Elena, has no objection to Christopher, and makes Korto reduce the length of her chiffon maxi-dress. Executive meddling!

Back to the workroom. Elena starts freaking out before anything even happens. Come on, lady. Korto is a little worried about having only two yards of fabric, because it means she has to absolutely commit to every cut she makes. Christopher is skeptical about Elena's white dress, but I'm sure she'll add some colors at some point. He's decided to make his dress into two separate pieces so he can have zippers in different places. Seth Aaron is doing a cocktail dress with a lot of chevrons on it. And suddenly! Elena announces that she has ripped her leather, right at the shoulder. She shrieks and buries her head, because that's how she deals with things.

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