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The Dress of Fear

Last week was a ridiculous product-placement challenge that tied in to a Bonnie and Clyde movie. But wait until you see what they have on tap tonight!

Alyssa welcomes the designers to the runway so she can announce this week's client. I'm going to skip the ridiculous build-up and just tell you: it's Marge Simpson. I'm not sure if this is dumber or less dumb than the Miss Piggy challenge. Piggy wears actual clothes, but at least Marge is human-shaped and has legs. I'm calling it a draw. So this is just tied with the dumbest challenge in Project Runway history. Marge appears on a monitor and explains the specifics: she needs a dress for a dinner date with Homer. It can't be green, and it has to be...ugh. It has to be easy to remove so that Homer can have sex with her while he's drunk. I will admit that this is a good line: "Also, please remember to make use of the accessories on the Whosever Sponsoring the Wall Now Wall." Alyssa takes over and says that the winning design will be animated and appear in a future episode.

The workroom. Everyone gets a framed picture of Marge doing a "Go for it!" kind of gesture. They have a Pantone swatch telling them what color of blue and yellow her hair and skin are. Elena is doing a red dress, allegedly because she's inspired by Bart's shirt. Irina is avoiding red because she thinks it's too obvious.

Mood. Christopher decides he needs to do a floral strapless dress, not realizing that animators don't want to deal with a print. Korto is planning to show off Marge's cleavage, because that seems appropriate for the character, right?

Back to the workroom. Everyone gets Simpson-themed basketball shoes, which they are supposed to pretend are gifts from Marge herself. Then they get back to work. Irina is using organza and chiffon, which is all you really need to know about her plan. Seth Aaron is doing a bunch of different colors. Viktor makes everyone imitate Marge's voice. Christopher wants to do a Doris Day thing, but he doesn't want to put a plunging neckline on Marge because she's just a housewife. He tries chatting with Viktor, but Viktor is still in a snit about last week. I don't even remember what happened, and I refuse to check.

Korto reemphasizes that her dress is going to be very fancy because that's what she'd want if she was getting a designer to make something just for her. Viktor goes on about how he was in the bottom last week, and he gets no sympathy.

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