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Making A Splash

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Making A Splash

Previously: the designers had to design wedding dresses with their models as their clients. Morgan was Jay's model, and was reliably difficult. Nora, while maintaining her sanity, designed an embarrassingly traditional wedding dress for Melissa and was sent home. Meanwhile, Robert cracked his skull showing off for Alexandra. Only seven designers left!

It's morning at the Atlas apartments and we see unflattering sleeping shots of several of the designers. Kevin regrets his "spat" with Nora, because he really respects her and thinks that she is a terrific designer. Kara Saun also interviews that she thinks Nora was extremely talented. Now, though, it makes everyone feel that winning the competition might be a possibility. This is the same sentiment Jay expressed when Vanessa was eliminated.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She tells them that their new challenge is creating a swimsuit that can be worn to "an exclusive fashion-industry party." Huh? It sounds like they are being asked to create an entirely new genre of clothing, because when was the last time you saw someone get out of a pool and say, "Anna Sui is throwing a party next door? Let me just grab my shoes. God, I'm so glad I have this pool-to-exclusive fashion-industry party swimsuit." The only parties where people in swimsuits mingle with people in evening clothes are at Cannes and Hugh Hefner's house. Heidi tells them that they only have five hours to finish their designs.

Heidi has the button bag, and the girls enter in their black slips. Kara Saun chooses first. She goes with Jenny again. She plays a kind of mean trick on her and all of the girls, though. She holds onto her button and says, "Jenny, thank you so much. You did a wonderful job, and since this is a bikini competition...I think I'm going to have you again." It's not nice, first, to make Jenny believe briefly that she couldn't pull off a bikini. Second, it's not nice then to make the other models feel (even if just for a second) like they couldn't make a bikini work either. Like these girls probably don't have enough body baggage as it is, Kara Saun. Kevin goes with the "party monster," Morgan. Whatever fate befalls you, Kevin Johnn, you have brought it upon yourself. Jay is the last to choose. Julia and Joy remain. Jay chooses Julia, per usual. Wendy Pepper wipes an air tear away for, I guess, the benefit of the cameras. Backstage, Joy says she has enjoyed her time on the show, and that leaving feels like the last day of camp. Best wishes, Joy!

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