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Previously: the designers were challenged to make a dress out of plants. Tim Gunn informed the designers that the winner of the challenge would have immunity for the next challenge. We found out that Daniel Vosovic has been out to his parents for only a year. Well, he wasn't "out" in the challenge. Har. Quite the contrary. He won it. Lambly Andrae Gonzalo was sadly sent home. Guys, we're down to five designers! The heat is on.

Kara and Chloe, as they are readying themselves for another day in the workroom, discuss their surprise at Andrae's elimination. Chloe interviews that she was shocked to see Andrae leave, because she thinks he is a great designer. For most of the season, we've usually gotten Chloe's take on the previous elimination. This is the first time she says that the eliminated designer was talented. I hope that provides some comfort for our little lamb, wherever he is.

In the boys' apartment, Santino performs a dialogue with himself. "Santino?" "Yes, Santino?" "Do you miss Andrae?" "Yeah, I miss Andrae." Then, he smiles. Okay, it's taken me this long to nail it. Do you know who Santino looks like? For real, he very closely resembles the shoe bomber. Santino interviews that Andrae had been the glue that held the boys of 35D together. Wow, that's a fairly generous appraisal of Andrae's presence in the apartment. It would almost appear that Santino possessed some sort of self-awareness or interest in others. Luckily, he prevents reality from fracturing entirely by reminding us that he considers himself one of the best designers there and he thinks he will make it to Fashion Week. Even then, he says it with a sort of measured, un-assholey tone. Is Santino learning and changing here?

Nick seems a little embarrassed about being in the bottom two designers for the previous challenge. He vows to "step it up" for this challenge. Do people not on reality television use the phrase "step up"? Besides athletes? I mean, honestly, I can't even remember the last time I heard even an athlete say it. It's a phrase that has lost its meaning. It's not that I don't understand what he's trying to convey. He wants to try harder. But when I hear people say "step it up" or one of its permutations, it usually feels like they themselves don't really connect with the phrase. Because it's kind of empty now, isn't it? When it's said, it's used more to deflect any doubt of someone's competitiveness than to announce a change in attitude or strategy. Anyway, Nick gives us no elaboration of what his stepping up will entail.

We see Daniel talking on the phone to family or friends. He sends his love to someone named "Sarah" and says goodbye. Daniel, whose immunity suits him quite nicely (he looks really glow-y and pretty in his interview), reminds us that he could send "tassels and a zipper" down the runway for this challenge. It don't matter 'cause he's safe. Immunity is a "great feeling," he adds.

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