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Laura Kathleen explains that she made her print and Isaac says that it's great as a dress and as inspiration. Tevi likes that the dress references the photo without being literal. They're all wowed by the fact that she made the print herself. Carolyn wants to wear it! Isaac thinks that Emilio's look was fresh and light as a feather. Charlotte thinks it's tricky but fun. Georgina loves his girl.

The judges confer. Backstage, Althea explains what happened in the judging. Her take is that the judges want color and you have to have a very good reason if you're not going to use it. Back onstage, the judges really liked Anthony Ryan. This Tevi child is adorable. They think Laura Kathleen was smart to play up her print. Emilio gets kudos for being bold. Carolyn thinks she would not look good in the dress.

They are all experiencing Andrae fatigue. They hated the styling and Isaac thought it was like Foot Locker. Carolyn thought that Althea's pants looks like a kangaroo. Georgina thought that Joshua's look didn't even represent his photo. Carolyn said it looked like a military geisha. My new band name.

The designers return to the stage. Emilio is safe. Anthony Ryan is the winner of the challenge! It's his second! Wow. He interviews that he's really excited about the editorial in the paper. Laura Kathleen is in. Althea is safe. So, it's down to Andrae and Joshua. in. Andrae is out. Carolyn tells him that they've loved having him there. He says that this show is something he's proud of. He goes backstage and asks for a group hug. He interviews that he was excited to be around a group of people who were so driven. "I shall be OK." The Red Lobster is getting their first son back.

We see Anthony Ryan and his model posing for photos for the editorial. He looks really cute in a blue shirt that matches that on his dress. We see him give an interview where he brings up the cancer again and I still don't see how it pertains to the photo that he chose, but the interviewer sees it. Good for him!

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at and followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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