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Casanova's pant suit is upon us now. It's cute, though there is some spiraling print on the pants that I'm not especially fond of. In fact, this is nicely tailored but doesn't feel especially original or full of feeling as the cats at USA Today mandated. Also, his girl is wearing the damn hat that Joanna hated so much. Why, Casanova? Don't you listen to your mentors? I thought that maybe Joanna was being a little knee-jerk about her earlier reaction but I really do think that it cheapens the whole look. Also, other than the brown leather belt that has a little thickness to it, there's nothing really masculine about this look. That is, unless you consider the video for "Smooth Criminal" like really butch. That's what I thought.

Althea's pant suit is next and I have to say, it does look inspired by the photo of the train station that she chose. It's taupe with a blue top underneath, mimicking light and shadows. She's really proud of it and feels that it could be loved by a lot of people. Josh also thinks that he could make clothing that people would love, but hopefully he's not including this. I don't know what to say, except that it doesn't look anything like that poor power meter. It's this color-blocked orange themed Navajo print of a vest. And, a blue satin skirt. He is well aware that he won't be winning any awards with this look and hopes that he can at least get past without being eliminated. Uli's look inspired by the photo in the clouds is next. It's a long gown, though Uli didn't have to describe the kind of person who wears long gowns. You know, as a whole, Joanna is much more transparent about the ways that she pushes the different themes of the show than Tim is. She's obviously pushing the Laura Kathleen as Nellie Olsen story, though Laura Kathleen is living up to the comparison beautifully. Also, she is single-handedly running the Ivy Redemption Arc. It has to be on purpose and Mssr. Gunn never seems this deliberate. Uli's dress is gorgeous, though she is worried that it is not bold enough.

Ivy's look is next and she kind of just made a cropped short-sleeved version of the jacket from last week over a flowing skirt. It's cute, but I don't see no butterfly happening up there. I'm worried that Ivy is making her story too big. Laura Kathleen, no shit, YAWNS while Ivy's look is on the runway. The cameras see it and so does Ivy. Anthony Ryan's look is next and it's white and blue and cancer. It's cute though and resembles the different shapes created by negative space in a building. Emilio's look follows and it's an enormous version of the little girl dress from his picture. It's yellow and gray and is a huge shirt with a flouncy skirt. Really freaking interesting.

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