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With three hours remaining in the workday, Althea decides to do a little drape in her pant, because she's here to take risks, dammit. The models come in for their fittings. Everyone has plenty to say about each others' work. Ivy thinks that Althea's look is really unflattering. Laura Kathleen says with glee that there's nothing that can happen to change Kayne of Many Colors' aesthetic, which she finds really boring. Now, I'd call him many things, but boring? Nah. Hooker-y? Yes. But nothing's boring about being a hooker. Or, so I hear. Josh thinks that he bit off more than he could chew. Everybody scrambles to finish by closing time.

That evening, the girls talk at the hotel. Laura Kathleen says to Uli and Althea that she is not in the mood for any drama. Whatevs. The next morning, everyone gets back to work. Anthony Ryan says that Andrae is crazy and is always thinking 10 steps ahead. He thinks it's a miracle that he ever finishes anything. We just see a shot of Andrae smiling wildly as he gets to work.

The models return to get ready for the big show. Laura Kathleen thinks that Althea needs to push herself more. Good to know. Scott Patric is there to do some make-up. I haven't learned anymore about him since my original phase of cyber stalking. Oh well. Anthony Ryan says that Casanova is really a fast worker. Uli thinks that Emilio's look is very bold. Anthony Ryan feels that his design is very personal. Casanova interviews that Kayne of Many Colors has created a French prostitute with a "chicken in the head." The hat that Kayne of Many Colors has chosen is apparently the chicken part. A girl's gotta eat. Andrae is still thinking about Debra from Alabama (Whoop!) and her sad face in the photo. He wonders if maybe she is a creative soul like him trying to get his work out into the world. Ivy thinks that Josh's look looks like Rainbow Brite. Nice one.

On the runway, Carolyn greets the designer wearing what appears to be the pedals of a go-cart. She introduces Georgina, Isaac and guest judges fashion blogger Tavi Gevinson and designer Charlotte Ronson. Kayne of Many Colors' look is first and it's just a boring red dress. Laura Kathleen's long gown is, well, gorgeous. It looks like she dyed the silk charmeuse to resemble the movement of water as well as the reflection of light. The long flowing quality also has some aquatic elements. There's a flap in the front that hints at the idea of skin, but there's actually cover everywhere on the bodice, though it is sleeveless. Andrae's look is next. It's a green knit dress with lots of strips of different-colored fabrics around the neck. I love the palette, but the strips hanging around the neck are odd. Andrae is really happy with it. He's convinced that this is good. The back of the bodice is orange, so maybe that's a mistake. And, the shoes are pink. Andrae finds all of this whimsical, which I guess is a valid take on the whole endeavor.

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