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Joanna congratulates Emilio on his win in the last challenge. He says that he liked the attitude in his photo of a little girl named Sophie. He's going to make a shirt dress. Joanna asks him what his headline would be and he says "Sophie's Choice." Heh. Joanna nixes that and says that he needs to remember what Sophie's Choice was really about. OK, I kind of can't stop laughing right now. Maybe the headline could be "Deer Hunter" instead? Or "Cry In The Dark"? Yeah, I like that one. He's just kind of like, "Dude, I'm just playing with the name," but damn that's funny. Josh tells them that he's trying to stay true to the colors in his photo and Joanna warns him against letting it look to arts and crafts. Laura Kathleen generously says that she knows that Josh is better than the work that he is doing right now. Alison tells Uli that the crack folks at USA Today believe that you should be able to feel a design when you look at it. Seeing Uli's design and her photo inspiration, Alison feels that she is on the right track. Joanna warns Kayne of Many Colors that his mix of black lace and red could come off as, and this is I believe a clinical term that she is using, hooker-y. I do all of my Christmas shopping at Hooker-y Farms, so I don't know why the hell she's acting like that's such a bad thing. The British ruin everything.

Joanna likes the pants that Casanova has made, but the hat that he has hanging at the top of the dress form is driving her crazy. He says that he is going to add some masculine elements to his look. Ivy tells Joanna that you don't realize that a caterpillar can turn into something as beautiful as a butterfly. Meh. You know, some caterpillars turn into moths. Moths eat your clothes. Think about that, Ivy. Anyway, she's really pushing the 90's right now, I feel. She should have a giant Big Gulp in her hands at all times. She says that humans evolve. Joanna says that Ivy has found a new character, I mean, "energy" in this season and it's obvious that she's feeling strong. Anthony Ryan tells Alison that his headline for his industrial-looking photo is "Always Moving Forward" and he relates it to his battle with cancer. He interviews that designing is what got him through his struggle. That seems a stretch to connect to that photo, but whatever you gotta do. Joanna tells Althea, that, why she's glad that she's stretching herself with a suit, she is not sure that the design is as special as the photo that inspired it. Alison's parting words of advice are for the designers to make sure that the emotion of their photos are in the final design.

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