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Everybody's working and working. Ivy thinks that it will be difficult for the judges to critique the work for this challenge, because the guidelines are arbitrary. Josh starts on the top of his dress, because the "linear lines" will be time consuming. I'm sure that means something, what he just said. Besides saying the line-y lines. Anyway, something's going to take a long time.

Anthony Ryan says that he's feeling a lot of stress and panic, but he's able to push it out. Andrae says that he imagines that he is a probably an outsider in this group of designers. You don't say? Andrae is being a weirdo. I honestly don't know how to describe what we just saw. He had a tiny glamorous moment with himself? I think that's what happened. He displayed a tiny fabulous flourish to himself, then he sank below his work table where he'd set up a different level of stuff. This, he says aloud, is where he works on his "precious things," accompanied by a voice like that of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Uli interviews that she thinks of Andrae as Gollum. I'm not sure which came first, his impression or people being reminded of Gollum. Emilio says that he's a very nice guy, but he doesn't seem him as a designer. He sees him as a personality. Andrae makes some sort of joke about Al Jolsen and Emilio just sort of nods and agrees.

Alison Maxwell, the style editor from USA Today, comes in to help Joanna with consultations. They start with Andrae, who describes his design as a sort of choose your own adventure-style outfit. Joanna says that she can't decide if his design is brilliant or bonkers. Andrae believes that it is the latter, but brilliantly so. Laura Kathleen, looking on, interviews that they're used to seeing weird stuff coming from Andrae. I don't know. Yeah, he's certifiable, but I find it pretty authentic. They talk to Laura Kathleen next and she says that her picture relayed vulnerability and emotion. Joanna senses that LK herself is feeling a little emotional and she says that tensions are running higher as the competition continues. Laura Kathleen is making a long gown and Joanna asks her when is the occasion when a lady will wear a long gown. "I wear long gowns everywhere I go." Oh my. So, I'm never going to forget that she said that. Perhaps it's true. Perhaps it's not Laura Kathleen just pushing this misguided brand of her as freaking Eloise or whatever the hell she thinks she is. Even if it's not those things (and I'm sure some perfectly nice people wear gowns all of the time- Fabio, from last season, leaps to mind...often), it sounds so gross coming out of her mouth right now. Joanna says that she's not at all surprised to hear that from her and she turns to Alison and asks her when was the last time that she wore a long gown. It has been a long time and she suggests that Laura Kathleen keep, you know, potential customers in mind. Laura Kathleen interviews that she's not trying to make clothes for "the farmers of America." She's trying to make clothes that are fashion forward and progressive, which obviously some dumb farmer wouldn't be able to appreciate. She's a monster.

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