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Andrae and Laura Kathleen choose last. Andrae chooses a photo submitted by Debra from Alabama (Woo Hoo! Dixie!). The photo is of a girl looking forlorn, which is how he feels because he was chosen last. But, everyone has chosen and now they will sketch for a short while. Anthony Ryan shows us his photo which was taken from inside a building with the lights off at a twilight hour. So, there is much graphic about it from the shadows that we see. He feels like it represents paths crossing. Laura Kathleen chooses a picture of water that has been disturbed by a rock or something. She thinks that the movement of the water is beautiful. She's going to make something fluid, because it's water. Althea is making her first pair of pants. She wants to make an impression because she hasn't even talked to the judges yet. She's the only one who hasn't talked to them yet, isn't she? Emilio says that he's making a dress that is young and fresh and all-American. What's important about for him is that he's going to be able to show his softer side after mostly bold stuff.

Everybody gets to Mood and does the traditional scramble. Andrae, who really does seem a little bit deflated now, tells us that he's going to create a set of modular knits. He wants to make something that resembles the "tinker toys of fashion." That's what I'd been calling the actual designers of Proenza Schouler all this time, but I guess it still applies.

Joshua's photo is of a gas/electrical meter on the outside of some building. It's a blue color with orange rust. Joshua wonders why someone would take the picture in the first place and feels that it's because of the unique colors, so he decides to stick as closely to the colors in the photo as possible.

Back at the workroom, Uli says that the pressure is really high for this challenge because they only have one day to complete it. Everyone claims their sewing machines to begin, which seems like a really smart idea. Laura Kathleen says that everyone is already competing like this is the final three. Althea says that she sees herself as a separates designer. She has only made dresses so far, so I guess she's saying that this particular challenge is not challenging so much because she's doing separates, but because she's really pushing herself. I guess she's going to make something unusual.

Laura Kathleen is making a silk charmeuse gown and she's creating her own print to resemble water. Joshua passes her and says, "I need a drink." Laura Kathleen says that she's dealing with everyone hating her because of the "whole privileged thing." Is that really it, Laura Kathleen? They hate you for being privileged? Or, just spitballing here, they hate you for never shutting up about what you have imagined your privileges to be? It's gross. Stop it. Josh tries to tell her gently that he's been hearing what people say. He also interviews that LK can come off a little harsh if she isn't thinking about it. She thinks that she's unable to talk about her home life because people can't handle that she's so fabulously wealthy. This shit doesn't happen to people that don't ask for it. Josh just tells her to not let other people's opinions affect her.

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