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Emilio sees a picture of a young girl and thinks that it has a lot of innocence. Casanova chooses a shot that is fashion-related and is a mix of feminine and masculine. They choose Althea and Ivy to go next. Althea chose a photo of a train station. It reminded her of the time her husband invited her to get married to him. Ivy chose a photo of a butterfly because she feels that butterflies represent evolution and change. All of her references are late '90s- Girl Power (Spice Girls) and Butterflies (Mariah Carey). It's either amazing or hugely embarrassing. Kayne of Many Colors and Uli are chosen next. Laura Kathleen gives a tiny eye roll, because she is tired of being chosen last. I guess she should have a little more consideration for everyone's gay nerves then. Kayne chooses a picture of a bunch of gaudy vintage jewelry, obvi. Uli chooses a photo of clouds taken from an airplane. It's makes her feel peaceful. I remember liking Uli, but I feel there's this really sort of poignant sweetness about her now and I really think that's nice. Especially, seeing as how she's a frontrunner. It's nice to have a lovely person that you want to see win.

Anthony Ryan and Joshua are chosen next. Laura Kathleen is grumpy about it. She interviews that no one likes her, OR everyone thinks that she has too much and doesn't want to give her anymore. Ooh, the last one. Go with the last one, smart girl. Kayne says that Laura Kathleen has insulted everyone in the room. Then, we see a clip of her talking to Ivy last week and asking her why she was being mean. OK, here's the thing, Laura Kathleen sounds like she has been a real princess jerk from the way other people have been describing her behavior, but in that moment? She was sitting at a table with Kayne of Many Colors and Laura Kathleen and she started laughing to herself right after LK sat down. It was rude. Ivy was impolite to her. She should have made up something that she was laughing about or not laughed in the first place. It's more than easy to deduce that the person is laughing at you, if you were LK, and that's not a fun feeling. That said, did she really just say that the people there expect her to talk like they came from the same place and it's not going to happen? That's what she said, but did she really just say that? I'm going to have to believe that we maybe didn't hear some surrounding context, because otherwise that shit's crazy. The same place? First of all, money is not a place. And, it's an old litmus test that I've always found pretty reliable, those who have money don't talk about it. I find that Laura Kathleen can hardly stop talking about it?

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