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Previously: The designers were asked to create wearable art. Aerosol art. Kayne of Many Colors has it out for Laura Kathleen and says that she is on everyone's last gay nerve. Rayon was removed from our lives. For now. I don't feel safe about it yet. Emilio won his first challenge!

This prize from Laura Mercier where they're traveling all over to the different Fashion Weeks? I'd want a little more information about it. Like, are they going to have to work while they're there? Sweeping and shit? Or, are they actual guests? It sounds a little nebulous right now. On the runway, Carolyn comes out looking smashing. Andrae even makes a little face to acknowledge just how pretty this woman is. She says that they're gearing up for the first ever interactive challenge. The fans will be deciding what they do. Huh? I'm sorry. Did anybody hear about this? Did you vote? I'm feeling a little left out right now. She tells them that Joanna is waiting for them in the workroom to tell them about the challenge. Then, someone whistles at her as she leaves the runway.

The designers gather in the runway and are greeted by Joanna and Sandra Micek, who is the Senior VP of Marketing at USA Today. Ugh. So, during Season 6, which I am still thankful for missing, I was on a theatre tour in the Midwest. Love the Midwest now. Hate their hotels. Every morning, a copy of USA Today would be waiting for me and it was so completely worthless. I would know more about the world if I just read Bill Cosby's Picture Pages. Sandra vomits this spiel about how USA Today pioneered visual storytelling. Meaning, you're wasting your time if you try reading the articles. Stick with the pie chart. Joanna repeats the chestnut "Every picture tells a story" and says that's the theme of this week's challenge. The show apparently went to the fans and asked them to tweet inspiring pictures. They will choose a photo and base a runway look on it. Sandra thinks that they should consider the headline that they would want their look to convey. That's an interesting way to look at it.

Because he won the last challenge, Emilio gets to choose his photo first and he gets to choose a designer to join him as he's choosing. He chooses Casanova. Emilio interviews that Casanova doesn't have any ulterior motives and likes everyone there. Sandra has one thing to add. The winner of the challenge will be featured in the paper with a photo and an editorial piece. Laura Kathleen and Kayne of Many Colors are both hoping that they win. Unique point-of-view there.

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