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Cold Glampin' With Flavor

Everyone wakes up and primps and shines themselves. And then we get an interview of Ken complaining about Alexandria, when what he should really be doing is shutting up. The designers assemble at the runway, where Tim is in a suit made of a camouflage-patterned fabric. He and Heidi are dressed "for the outdoors," so the designers are going on a camping trip. Ken interviews that he's not sleeping in a damn tent, and now I'm on board with him. Tim then claims that they'll be "glamping," which is some sort of upscale camping experience. Or something.

The designers all rush back to the dorms to pack. Nobody knows what "glamping" means, because it's not a thing that exists. And off they go! On vans into the wilderness! Miranda is hoping there will be a paintball challenge.

Tim welcomes everyone to a pretty nice campsite. There are tents and a stream and a corporate spokesperson for some product-placed bottled water. Tim tells them they'll be making a high end fashion look inspired by nature and their activities. He dwells a bit on the point that they're not designing clothes to be worn in the outdoors (because, ugh!), just clothes inspired by the outdoors. They're spending the day and the night here at the...glampsite? I guess? They'll all be shipped back to Mood in the morning for a one-day challenge. And Tim will not be participating in the alleged fun.

Everyone goes into their tents, where there are cots and blankets. Outdoors, there are hammocks. Ken asks the other contestants if maybe he's not strictly required to be inspired by the outdoors, because he hates it all so much. Dude, just make whatever you want and be prepared with a convincing line of nonsense and you'll be fine. That's all anyone ever does. He complains about the mosquitoes, and I believe I have found common ground with him.

People are either lounging on hammocks or throwing things into the creek. Justin interviews that he normally can't chat with people in the workroom, because it takes a lot of effort for him to get engaged in conversations while he's working, so this is a good time for him to do some interacting. Alexandria is sitting by the creek and doing some sketches in an attempt to actually get inspired.

And now it's time for some Mandated Fun. Everyone paddles around a river and goes on ziplines. Jeremy comments that outside the studio, they're all fairly nice people. Ziplining might be fun to do, but it is not all that interesting to watch. It's more fun when everyone's sitting around the fire and Justin teaches them some sign language. Later in the evening, there's more sketching going on. Ken claims he's got a spiritual connection, but he doesn't say what with. It's probably not with the dirt. Jeremy is writing a love letter to his husband and has decided to use it in his design.

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