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There's No Such Thing as a Free Brunch

We open in the hotel, where the remaining boys are saying generic things about how now that Karen's gone, the game's really starting. Ken is losing track of what game this is, though, because he's now concerned with watching his back and being careful who he talks to. I'd say he can talk to whoever he wants. As long as he stops shrieking at people to shut up, everything will be fine.

At the runway, Heidi tells everyone they have the morning off to have a "relaxing, Southern-style brunch." Then she leaves. Everyone is worried, presumably because they don't know how to make a dress out of bacon. They all file into an empty restaurant and cautiously eat some delicious food. It looks good! And they chat amiably about upcoming weddings and old challenges, which is fun. I like seeing the designers actually enjoying each other's company. Jeremy reminds us that Helen has won three challenges, and then he sneers about her top being "quite horrible." But he admits the jacket was great. They start guessing about what the challenge could be, because obviously the brunch is going to be relevant somehow.

And then Tim Gunn walks in. The point of the brunch was to make them feel lovely, civilized, and relaxed, which are adjectives that also describe the woman they'll be designing for: "A modern Southern woman." Ken thinks this challenge is ideal for him, which he figures means he'll be going home. Ken knows how these shows work. Tim throws out more guidelines: vibrantly, expressively, fashionably put-together, uses accessories, knows how to use color, and wears things with feminine details. Helen is worried. They can make a day look or an evening look. It's a one-day challenge, because they pretty much all are. Now sketch!

Ken's doing a floor-length maxi-dress. Alexander's not happy with his pants/jacket combo. Dom's from New Orleans, which is on the water, so she's doing a blue dress. Bradon's doing a "day dress with a sexy neckline." Jeremy wants to do a tailored jacket, but he's concerned about avoiding "mother of the bride."

On the ride to Mood, Ken declines to tell his van about The Southern Woman. Alexander suggests that women are outside of Ken's sphere of knowledge.

At Mood, Swatch is flopped down on the floor right between Tim and the designers. Swatch seems like a fairly relaxed dog. Dom is looking for silks with big prints. After discarding one that looks like a cow, she chooses one that's kind of striped. But not big parallel lines; more like a white background that's had black paint dripped down it to make narrow, uneven stripes. Kate wants a solid print with bright colors, and she settles on an orange chiffon. She has the sense to check with Tim to see if he thinks it's a good idea. I didn't think he gave advice at this stage, but he says he trusts her with prints. Bradon looks for some bright madras plaid, which sounds awful. Ken was considering a silk print, but that section is already overflowing with designers, so he switches to a solid eggplant. Alexander doesn't seem to have a real plan, but he grabs some madras plaid. So when Bradon has his plaid, he realizes he's not the only plaid person. And everyone's in the same colors. More plaid-controversy!

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