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Valerie loves her dress on the runway. Sarah's look has some interesting color blocking. That is all. Andy's look is dramatic and I think pretty cool. Big pants and a girly, yet futuristic top. Casanova's look is...not bad. Very South America and rich. Kristin's look has some more of those wonderful mistakes. It's very interesting in texture. Gretchen's pantsuit is next and it's pretty cute. I certainly like it better than last week's stuff, though it certainly doesn't break any creativity barriers. Mondo's look, however, is pretty fearless and feminine and cool. April's look is made nicely, but I don't think I like it very much. It's very heavy at the top.

After the show, Mondo, Peach, Nicholas, Valerie, Jason and Gretchen are asked to step forward. Everyone else is safe. A.J. starts crying backstage. He felt that this was his only free pass. Backstage, they all think Valerie is the winner. They see Jason as the loser, but Christopher says that he's seen his menswear and it's great.

Peach gets slammed for her polka dots. Heidi says there's no sex appeal. Michael tells her to watch her sophistication level. She explains that the final look was the third complete look that she made, which I think impressed the judges a little.

They love Valerie's look. They do not love Jason's look. Nina thinks it would look bad on a billboard. He says that his safety pins were intentional. Michael calls it a bedspread! Jason starts tugging at the dress and Heidi asks if he's trying to show her underwear. He is not. He's trying to show the options for styling. Of course, they love Gretchen's look. Michael thinks it's modern. Nina thinks there are too many details in Nicholas's look. It would be too busy on a billboard. Joanna "con't" think of a woman who would want to wear that. They have his girl take the cape off and they are disturbed by how much skin is showing in the back. He says it's a day to evening look and Michael wonders if the girl is supposed to wear the cape all day. Really though, Nicholas. Bad move. Mondo says that he was inspired by Mary Tyler Moore and Joanna says that MTM was the reason she moved to New York. Nina loves it too and Joanna laughs that this is the first time she and Nina have ever agreed. Ha, Ha, that is the absolute truth and you KNOW it.

The judges discuss Mondo. They loved it. Heidi thinks that Gretchen's look would be great on a billboard. Michael thought it was seasonless and ageless. Hmm, that's interesting. Michael liked that Valerie's dress was sexy without being vulgar.

Heidi thinks that Jason has strange ideas. Michael thinks that the clothes should speak for themselves. They thought that Nicholas was too ambitious. Michael wonders if the model was too thin and ate the back of the blouse. Heh. Nina thought that Peach's look was Desperate Housewives. Ew. They do, however, think that it was well made. Heidi says the question is, how many do they get rid of?

The designers return to the stage. Mondo is in. He interviews that he is very happy. Gretchen is the winner. Again?! Wow. She interviews that she's grateful and prideful. Other Michael interviews that he thought Valerie should have won. She goes backstage after being told she's in. She says she feels a little defeated.

Peach is safe. She says that she heard them all and leaves the stage. Jason is out. He gets his kisses from Heidi and leaves. He interviews that he did everything he could. He goes backstage and leaves before Tim even gets there. Nicholas is also out. He gets his kisses from Heidi and almost starts crying onstage. He saves that for backstage. It's really sad. He bawls. I'd do that too, but probably break shit too. Tim finally gets there and gives Nicholas a hug. He interviews that he's going to miss being there, but it was worth it.

Gretchen goes to the Marie Claire photo shoot for her look and the model is Coco Rocha. Then, we see her see the billboard with Valerie. It's pretty spectacular and looks great. Gretchen gets teary eyed at the sight. OK, this season...I don't know. I think I'm just going to filter every episode through the glasses of the film adaptation of Eat, Pray, Love. Who's with me?

Jeff Long is a writer/actor living in Brooklyn. He can be reached at

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