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ing his garment. The models are sent in for a fitting and Casanova asks Gretchen for her opinion. She clearly wants to tell him that she hates it, but doesn't want to give him any advice. He persists and she interviews that he would be annoying if he weren't so charming. She tells him later that he's her bosom buddy, but he doesn't understand and suggests that maybe they are "hips" buddies instead.

At the end of the day, Peach has something on the dress form, though that's not saying a lot. That night, Ivy, Gretchen, Sarah and Valerie have wine in their room. The guys talk about how quiet Jason is. A.J. finds him a little shady. Peach talks to her roomies like she's going home the next day. The other group of guys wonder where Mondo is. He's in another room by himself. He interviews tearfully that he hasn't found a connection with anyone here yet and he needs to talk to someone. I think he would get along with April. Or Kristin. He cries that he's never been loved as a person, only as a creator. That's DREADFUL. Seriously, somebody fucking hug Mondo right now. If you see Mondo, give that sad fucker a hug! Then, suggest that he talk to people if he wants to, um, talk.

The next morning, everyone gets ready for the photo shoot. Ivy is worried about going home, but Valerie gives her a pep talk. Mondo is in a much better mood that morning and even chats a little bit with the others! At the workroom, Tim enters and sends in the models. They go through hair and make-up. Valerie gives some advice to Mondo, but he chooses to go with his gut, which in this case means lots of punk accessories. Peach is worried that her dress looks like "Barbie's sofa." Heh. Jason doesn't finish before the shoot and uses safety pins. Other Michael interviews that, since he's worried Jason might be a spooky killer, he acts like he likes Jason's design. Not nice.

The shoot begins. Peach has a horrible time. Mondo is on fire. Valerie interviews that he's weird but that it works. The photo people HATE Jason. Jason interviews that he can't be expected to not have any flaws. Hmm. There's something I almost agree with re: his argument, except that this is the infinity season of this show and he should know by now what he was stepping into.

On the runway, Heidi introduces Michael, Nina and Joanna. So very many bangs on Heidi. The show begins with Nicholas's look. It's stupid. It's this weird Robin Hood skirt and a weird blouse with that rip-off cut-out that looks unfinished. Christopher's look is next and it's a nicely tailored suit with a scoop neck. Jason still thinks that his look is great, but it's beyond bedspread bad. Other Michael's look is next and it's not expensive but it looks well-made.

Jesus, these people are boring this year. A.J.'s look is next and it's pretty refreshing. It's a yellow look with a thick black belt. NOTHING like Marie Claire but something that maybe Kyra Sedgwick or perhaps Jada Pinkett Smith might wear to a lesser awards show or a charity event. There's a bump at the womb though and it's odd. Peach's look is by no means fashion-forward, but it's still pretty cute. Except for some black accent she added to try to be cool. Cute Michael's look is well-made but SLUTTAY. Ivy's look is cute, but maybe really boring.

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