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Back to School

The designers are forced out of Parsons so they can be herded onto a school bus. There are some very mild shenanigans on the way to wherever they're going, largely instigated by Seth Aaron's need to make people pay attention to them. Viktor's worried that they'll have to design for children. The bus stops at an elementary school, where Alyssa Milano is waiting. It's "the unconventional challenge." There were like four of those in the last regular season, so maybe ease up on the "the" here. Anyway, it's time for weird materials. The designers have to create "high-impact runway fashion" out of the stuff they find in a classroom. Alyssa makes it clear that the origin of the materials should not be clear. I appreciate that, because judges sometimes go back and forth on this.

The designers get a backpack and four minutes. They rush inside and go nuts Jeffrey just loads up on whatever's near the door. Mychael goes after shiny objects. Nobody has time to have a plan, so it's just mayhem. And the time runs out, so they start sketching on comically low tables. Viktor thinks his sketching is only speculative, because he's going to wait until he's at the workroom to let his materials tell him what to make. Christopher tells us that he was bullied in school, so he wants to make a black outfit with a pop of rainbow. The rainbow represents him, you see. Jeffrey is trying to be fun and playful, but he might be too stressed.

<,p>The sketching is over and they return to the workroom. It's weird that there isn't a host here telling them this. Alyssa welcomed them to the school, but then she vanished. If they'd taken five minutes gathering materials instead of four, no onscreen personality would have told them to stop. There are a lot of holes in this show where Tim Gunn should be standing.

Elena is worried because she finished in the bottom in her season for the unconventional challenge. So she starts cutting folders up right away and gets mad when everyone else is goofing around and trying to double-dutch in the workroom. I'm with Elena; this is going to take every second you have, so you better get on it. Viktor starts with jump ropes, but he's worried that it's too obvious. Elena recommends testing his glue early in the process, which is a great suggestion. She's doing a constructed dress, and she's planning on breaking up a lot of plastic rulers. She strongly recommends that Viktor not use all the neon colors at his disposal, and then remembers that he's the competition so she shouldn't help him. They decide not to help each other. It's cute.

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