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Previously:Andrea and Kooan left the show. Raul was brought back but he didn't do very well. Sonjia won the challenge and Buffi got the boot.

It's morning at the Atlas Building. In fact, it's morning all over New York and probably most of America (Who knows?) and there's a lady in a pink top trying to catch a cab. Good luck to her. The boys are waking up and Gunnar says that he's going to miss the lightness that Buffi added to the group. Fabio agrees and says that a lot of that is going to be missing from now on. I'd agree with that. This group seems really tightly wound to me. But, let's just talk for a moment about how Fabio's personal style is banging. White cap, pink shirt with a thin white shirt over that, baggy jeans, cool beard, cool tats -- he's just a really cool guy. And, he's sweet on top of it. And, it looks like he keeps a little collection of essential oils on the bedstand next to his bed. That's awesome.

Gunnar, who needs desperately to locate his diaphragm or even just his chest cavity (no joke, the whine is so intense that I'm wondering if we hear his voice via vibrations emanating from the back of his head), says that it's sad that people have left but he's come here to win and so he's just going to focus more than ever now. Melissa has had three of her roommates evacuate, so she has to move to the apartment with the other girls. That happened really fast though, so she should consider herself lucky that she didn't get too attached or anything. She thanks the other girls for having her, as if they had a choice.

The other set of boys are discussing the previous challenge and Christopher says good for Sonjia that she won. Ven says that he "had a feeling" she would win. It's interesting to hear him say something nice about someone else's work. Christopher asks Raul who he "put down" to win (do they take a poll or something?) and he answers that he put down Christopher. Christopher goes "aw." Then, Raul interviews that he loves Christopher. He developed an awesome connection with him. And, he hasn't felt that way in a very long time. Damn, Gina. Boy's in love.

Christopher says that he hopes that they're not all partners for this challenge because it was a mess last time. Nathan says very drily that Christopher made Andrea run away, to which he responds with a mouth agape. He interviews that he hopes that he didn't cause her departure, which I think is fairly insincere. It's so odd. I liked him so much. We had such an awesome connection and it had been a long time since I'd felt that way. It must have been love, but it's over now. It's where the wind blows. Anyway, let's get back to work. Christopher says that they need to get back to work. Maybe there's still something there after all.

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