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Previously: Our designers were enlisted to create a look for the Rockettes. We started to see flaws in Sonjia and Melissa. Sonjia doesn't sketch, therefore rarely has a master plan; while Melissa is so slow that it's crazy. Melissa was awfully lucky because EVERYONE helped her. Like, I'm talking people sat down and sewed her shit. So, at the very least, we also know that she has fostered some mad good will during this competition. Christopher won the competition by a mile, while the loser was the real competition. Ven got a little conceptual and designed for the Rockettes as Jane Eyre and was sent home.

OK, forgive me for tuning out during the credits but did you know that the winning model is getting 25 grand in addition to her fashion layout in Marie Claire? This makes me even more surprised that we haven't seen any model drama this season. Shit, I'd be dropping laxatives in everybody's green tea if the stakes were that high. Do they know that it's 25 thousand DOLLARS that they win and not, like, buttons? Not to suggest that models aren't as smart as everouihn... sorry, I just bored myself.

It's morning at the Atlas Building and everyone is getting ready. Headband-like gear has been super popular amongst the designers this season. I wouldn't have known this about myself except for a brief summer fling with bandanas and Ray Bans on a barrier island in the Gulf circa a long time ago, but I guess I sort of really like it. At least, including Sonjia with her braided white rope band over slicked hair, everyone who has sported some head gear this season has straight up OWNED it. And, yes, I'm talking mostly about Fabio. The flower wreath thing? COME ON! It's tough to look super stylish and adorable at the same time. He manages that in a way that should be bottled. Melissa and Sonjia are performing their morning ritual and Sonjia is stunned that Ven is gone. Melissa is too. She interviews that him being gone means that this is all very serious and she has to design something awesome. Sonjia interviews that she has to make something great for the next few challenges, because now that there are only six designers, you're either in the top or the bottom of the pile. There's no more sliding by. The camera pans to Elena who is silently drinking some beverage and staring out a window with drawn curtains. She interviews that she is going to claw her way to a spot at Lincoln Center.

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