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Previously: The designers had to beg for money for fabric. Dmitry, Alicia and Elena were one of the worst groups ever. Sonjia bounced back from her previous low and won her second challenge. Poor Alicia, who never really got to show her stuff, got caught in the middle of Battle of the Breadbasket of the USSR and was eliminated.

It's morning at the Atlas Building. Isn't it always? As alarm clocks are screaming and designers are wishing they had never been born, Christopher tells us that he can't believe that the competition is half over. Funny, I feel like this has lasted for a year. Also, Ven always seems to be hitting Christopher with a pillow in order to wake him up. Logic tells me that they're probably already awake because the film crews don't sleep there and they have to set up and everything, so you'd have to be a crazy sound sleeper in order to make it through that REM's intact, but I'd still get pissed if some dude kept hitting me with a pillow. Or maybe I just don't like Ven. Or maybe I have rage issues. At least I'm searching.

Christopher says that they have lost a lot of people and he's scared about who is going to leave next. We see a little ink drawing of 12 of the designers on some poster board with "Project Runway 10" at the bottom. Is that Dmitry or... Mary Kay Place? They're all very talented people.

In the Gunnar, Fabio and Dmitry apartment, Dmitry says that the previous challenge was very difficult. Fabio agrees and says that he was not happy at all. Gunnar interviews that this competition is the most grueling thing that he has ever done. He says that it takes all of you. This is how I feel about my dancing. Dmitry says that he doesn't want to see Elena and Gunnar feigns surprise that he's not ready for another fight with her. Dmitry responds and I don't understand him. It's "just unfair"? It's "Tammy Faye"? I don't know, he doesn't want to fight with Elena is all. He interviews that he knows he is a good designer and he's just going to do whatever he wants to do and the chips will fall where they may. Also, he says that he's going to win.

Meanwhile, Elena is saying that she's going to stay away from Dmitry because he annoys the shit out of her. Well good. That's handled. She interviews that staying positive has been difficult because there is so much stress in the competition. Melissa asks her if she thinks that Dmitry will make another dress for this challenge. Elena reminds them that Heidi warned him that he needed to do something different but they all point out that he has done nothing but dresses for the entire competition.

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