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Previously: The designers were enlisted to design baby outfits for Heidi's fashion line for babies. Also, they had to take care of screaming baby dolls, which was fun for practically no one, save Fabio who displayed a caretaker side that was extremely sweet. Heidi said that they made them take care of the babies so they could see what was involved in making clothes for babies, which I think we all know is complete horse shit. I do wish they had been matter of fact about the whole thing and been like, "Designers, we gave you these babies to look after because we like fucking with you."

Sonjia and Christopher won the challenge, while Elena was eliminated. I feel really bad for Elena because I don't feel like she ever got to shine and she's clearly talented. I might be completely overreacting, but I would hate for her to be saddled with some sort of stigma just because she wasn't able to really excel at those challenges. That said, I guess she'll have to console herself with her Fan Favorite victory, which looks inevitable at this point. Scandal alert though: Fabio tweeted something about how the Lifetime website (a veritable briar patch of technology) had some mistake on it that linked votes for him to some weird other Fabio Costa. Frankly, that makes more sense than the idea of these rabid Elena fans voting like mad.

It's morning and Fabio, Christopher and Dmitry are having their daily coffee klatch at the Atlas Building. Fabio says that he can't believe this is the last challenge. Is this the last challenge? Fabio tells us, as if we were tiny babies that he was carrying snuggly in a Baby Bjorn strapped to his chest, that there are only five designers left (shows us his fingers on his hand) and he is one of them (points to his middle finger). Learning moments! He tells Dmitry and Christopher that they are all thinking that they're going to Fashion Week but they need to stay focused because, in actuality, only three will go. Dmitry interviews that it would be devastating to have made it this far in the competition only to be eliminated before Fashion Week. He tells Fabio and Christopher that he hopes that the three of them make it to Fashion Week.

Meanwhile, Sonjia is jellying up some toast while Melissa says that, since she, Fabio and Dmitry have each won one challenge, she feels that it's a competition amongst the three of them to see who goes home during this next challenge. She interviews that she has to step it up for the next challenge, but doesn't she say that every single week? I really like Melissa but her continual inability to adjust to the rigors of this competition is sort of confounding. Also, I find the decor in the Atlas kitchens to be depressing.

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