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Backstage, Anya is freaked out about her critique. She doesn't want to go home for something that she doesn't even know. Then, the other team comes out. Ewan doesn't really like Olivier's look. He says that he said he liked jeans, not light pants. No one likes it, probably because it's ugly. Kimberly's outfit looks a fool. Everybody hates everything. It's so sad because the drummer was seriously the cutest in this band. They love Viktor, especially his jacket. Josh and Adam bond over the fact that they would be drawn to crotch-emphasizing pant accessories. There's so much stupid fringe everywhere, people. On ALL of these outfits. As a former resident of Austin, I find this offensive. Too much is way too much in Austin musicians. I want to never see anything ever again.

The judges confer and the designers come back to the stage. Viktor wins! He's so happy. He goes backstage and Bert is there and gives him a hug. Laura is in. Josh is in. He fake blows a kiss as he walks off, the jag off. Anthony is in. So is Anya! Everyone cheers when she comes backstage. She interviews that she was devastated by their critique. Olivier and Kimberly are left onstage. Kimberly is... in. She's immediately emotional. She hugs Olivier. She interviews that she was ripped to shreds and is emotional. Backstage, everyone hugs her. She tells them that she was on the plank and had prepared herself, but .... Wow. Olivier is done. He says that there are amazing people in the competition. He's unhappy about this. Tim gives him a simple hug and sends him away, backing up my idea that Tim hated that silly bitch.

We see the photo shoot of Viktor working with his guy and outfit. He says he's feeling some ego ("Who cares?" Joy Behar-style).

Jeff Long is a writer/performer in Brooklyn. He can be reached at or followed on Twitter at @jblong.

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