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Bert has to make his garments not purple. Viktor is excited about his leather jacket. Olivier says that it's hard to be excited about dressing people you never cared about, like "plus sized people." He says that we might call him ignorant, but I don't think he really cares about being called that. Josh and Anthony are worried about him.

There's another fitting. Poor super fat Ewan (he's not really fat at all and probably gets more tail than Mark Sanchez. Well... not Mark Sanchez, but you get my gist. Right?) Kimberly is still freaking out about what to do for the mens. Viktor has to take out the back of his pants because the front don't fit over all the peepee on the premises. I kind of like that. Olivier makes Ewan feel really uncomfortable. Josh says that any flat pattern maker would have done better than Olivier. They all scramble to try to get stuff done.

The day of the runway show, they're all working hard to create a finalist's look. They send the guys to hair and make-up. Anya is worried that she and Kimberly are in the bottom.

Heidi introduces the judges, including chubby Adam Lambert. The band comes out and starts playing and we see the clothes. They're all awful. I don't know what to say people. I've never seen anything like it. In fact, I've lowered the score for this week's recaplet as I usually base it on a sort of excitement scale and this week wasn't exactly un-exciting, but.... Honestly? These are the ugliest clothes that have ever been made on this show. I don't even know what to say about them. Josh made some crotchy pants? They look pretty good. Urgh. Honestly though, the rest of it is just the worst. Funny thing though, I like the band more and more.

Afterwards, Heidi speaks to Team Harmony. The boys come out and Heidi thanks The Sheepdogs for taking part. Michael doesn't see the swagger in their team. Nina thinks it's all expected. But, then, they say that Adam is original, which is untrue and wrong. They are torn over Laura's look. Michael thinks that her red tie-dye top looks like somebody got cut. Nina hates it. They don't really hate Bert's look. Owen has pig tails in braids, which is super cool and Nina loves it. Also, fuck Olivier. This dude is mad sexy. Plus size? Try Plus Me. Holla. I want to shoot myself. Heidi doesn't like the pigtails but she's stupid. Anya's look gets a big no. They think her guy looks like Pocahontas. Adam doesn't think it looks like fashion, probably because it doesn't have any glitter on it. What? Did I say that out loud. Whatever, it really is bad. Heidi thinks that Anthony's look is OK, but she wishes that the pants were tighter. Yeah, they should've been tighter.

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