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Tim comes into the workroom with Peter Butler. He's going to consult with the designers. They go to the hair lab with the Sheepdogs. It's really just an opportunity for Garnier to talk about their different products. Ewan says that he's not shaving any of his beard. Oh well.

Laura asks Viktor how often he makes menswear. He designs for himself but has made some oxford shirts for friends. Olivier is confident and feels that the band will be open-minded about what they are going to try. Work. Work. End of day.

The next morning, everybody seems really tired. Kimberly is still freaking out about how little she knows about designing menswear. Bert tells the guys that he has no extra fabric for his pants. Everyone wonders if he'll have enough, but he seems fine.

At the workroom, Viktor says that he has a lot of work to do. Bert dyes his fabric, expecting a dark blue -- but it came out purple instead. He says that he sort of likes it and hopes that Ewan will. Laura says that, since they don't have to be cohesive, Bert can go ahead and create a dopey look, because neither she nor anyone else on their team is going to design for him. So nice, this one.

Tim comes in for a consultation. He laughs at Viktor fitting his pants on himself, but at least Viktor has the decency to cover his ass. I'd rather see his, frankly. We start with Laura and Leot. He's not crazy about how low-cut the shirt she's making is, as he's apparently shy about his copious chest hair. It's time to take The Sheepdogs to the groomers. To be fair, even though I hate her, Laura is really cool and personable with this dude. She gives him all she's got. Tim tells the drummer that Anya is a master with prints. Adam is his name and he tells her that her design is looking good, but I wonder if that's mostly because he's knocked out by how she looks. I don't sleep with girls, but I'd seriously do a lot to win the favor of Miss Anya. Anthony seems a little nervous around Ryan. He shows him a wood print, which Ryan likes. Anthony is really cute right here. Bert meets with Ewan and apparently Olivier has a problem with how purple Bert's prints are. Tim thinks it's feminine and fat Owen agrees. Bert calls his shirt a blouse which only makes Tim laugh harder.

Viktor says he wants to make his guys look "crispier." Tim is worried about the work he's doing on the denim looking cheap. Laura thinks that pleather is too cushy. Whatever, Lady! Kimberly presents her stuff and the drummer does not really get it. Poor Kim. She's trying. This is not her thing. She says that she's borrowing fabric and Anthony laughs about it and she seems jokingly (but kind of serious) offended. Anya worries that Kimberly will win because she loaned her some fabric. Josh shows his idea, which has a zipper on the crotch. Tim is worried about it drawing the eye there, but that's exactly what Josh wanted. I mean, seriously, that's just natural. He's worried about being too feminine, but his dude likes it. Olivier pitches a really weird shirt but the client doesn't wear it. Tim asks Olivier if he thinks he can finish in time and he says he can, even though he always has too many design elements and is, let's face it -- something savant-like and will never do things normally in this competition, like, for instance, not pin his hair back in bobby pins in a way that seems constrictive.

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