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So, the teams get together and Anya gets the drummer, Laura gets red jeans guy, Anthony takes snakeskin boots and that leaves Bert with the lead singer. Laura asks him if he's OK with that and he is. See? That was easy! Anya just puts it out there that they will be Team Harmony. I can't get over how cool she is and how I need her in my life. The other team names themselves Team Untitled, which is clever. Kimberly will be designing for the drummer, Olivier is getting the singer, Josh gets boots dude and Viktor is going to design for red jeans guy. They decide on a Western theme (or planet). Olivier remarks that he got the biggest guy.

When they start designing, Team Harmony seems harmonious. Bert says he'll come in handy with the vintage stuff, as he happened to live through this era. Anthony interviews that he's not sure Bert can actually remember living through this era. At Mood, neither Laura nor Viktor can find red denim. Laura decides to dye some denim. Anya has a really hard time finding the fabrics that she wants. She seems really self-aware about her shortcomings though, so maybe she can pull something out. Olivier is really slow and Tim is just not fucking having it. I get the sense that he really doesn't like Olivier very much. Laura seriously overspends and Bert has a lot of money left over, which he gives to her. Laura says that she takes back everything she said about him and he laughs and tells her to just take back what she's gonna say. She lies that she never talks badly about him and they hug. I know it's not even worth wishing for because they are never really satisfying, but I'd love to see this on a reunion show.

Back at Parsons, they get to work. Kimberly is singing the Sheepdog song that they heard. That's cute. Olivier is beside himself because Ewan is larger than his mannequin. I mean, since they have the measurements, it seems like they could have gotten him a mannequin with the proper chest size, right? Josh says that this challenge is every man for himself. Meanwhile, he's not wearing pants and fitting pants on himself as he displays his black bikini-clad hairy boohiney. This kid. I'll give him this, it's a nice ass. I guess the odds of having a nice ass when you're a total ass just got greater.

Alone, Viktor tells Anya that he's anxious to see what Olivier makes, though she points out that he bought the same sorts of materials that he always buys. They both agree that he cannot work with clients. We see Olivier butting heads with that woman from the last challenge. I realize that she was a bit of a boob, but he really could have done a better job with that. Also, Anya tells Viktor that Olivier thought that he would win the last challenge, to which Viktor offers a simple yet telling, "Huh."

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