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Tim says that they will be working in two teams of four. Everyone just laughs. I mean, really, what else is there to do? It's all the button bag this time. Team one is Olivier, Viktor, Kimberly and Josh. Laura just turns around and tells Bert to give her a high-five. She interviews that she is the only person who has been stuck with Bert from the beginning. She doesn't get a break. Someone wants her and Bert to be together. Anthony interviews that the last time he and Bert and Laura were on a team together, it crashed and burned. Then, we get to see that horrible runway judging with him and Bert going at each other replete with uncomfy reaction shots from Heidi and Michael Kors.

Then, Tim introduces The Sheepdogs. Kimberly says, "Oh crap. It's Men's (gulp) Wear." She has never done menswear and doesn't know where to begin. Neither has Anya. Josh says that menswear is more involved, in terms of fit and tailoring. Then, the guys start playing and Olivier, delicate flower that he is, just can't handle the loud noises. He just gets odder, no? Bert notices this and remarks that indeed Olivier is a delicate personality. They sound like a lot of bands you've heard and seen. They know how to play their instruments well and they harmonize nicely. Afterwards, Laura asks them for a general idea of what their style is. The lead singer, Ewan, says that they are inspired by classic sounds, so that is where most of their style choices come from (i.e. jeans, boots, denim, suede). Sam, the super-cute drummer, says that he really likes this dashiki with a low-cut neck and big sleeves. Anya loves the idea of modernizing that shape. Josh is drawn to the style of Ryan, the bassist. He saw Ryan's snakeskin cowboy boot and was on board. Leot, the lead guitarist, says that he's been looking for red jeans. Laura says that, if she can make an awesome pair of red jeans, she's sure to win the challenge. Olivier is not worried at all, as he already does menswear. Each team will create looks for the whole band and each designer will be responsible for the head-to-toe look of one band member. The teams need to decide who will be working with which band member. Tim doesn't want the teams to worry too much about cohesion, but they should make sure that the band members look like they came from the same planet. So, cohesive? I don't know. Viktor feels relieved that cohesion is not a big element of the challenge. Or, is it? He knows that he make a stunning outfit without it having to match everyone's looks on his team.

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