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Tim is standing on a small stage with Peter Butler, consulting stylist for Garnier. That must be a kick-ass job. I can't imagine that there is much of a time commitment for style consulting for a company that doesn't create the style but rather the products used to create the style. That's like being a consulting chewer for Trident. I'm sure there's more to it than that, but it's Reductive Day! Rejoice! Tim announces that the designers must all be aware that there is a big connection between music and fashion as they are both profound forms of self-expression. Also, I remember taking away this one thing from an Intro to Film class in college (at the time, the largest class in the largest school in the country -- it felt like we were a small city seeking refuge from a hurricane or aliens or something, killing time by talking about how Sandra Bullock's character in Speed was a reflection of how America felt about Los Angeles and, by extension, urban America. That observation still holds up pretty well, actually) about how music and fashion were the most immediate reflections of culture, along with film. I'd never really thought of fashion like that, more as a survival of the fittest ideas about what people would like. It's obvious to me now, seeing how fashion reflects things that are already happening (i.e. space exploration, hippies, exposure to Asian culture, etc.), but I'd spent three years in overalls and tank tops at the time. Tim uses The Beatles and Lady Gaga as example. Then, he says that no periodical has featured more musicians and fashion on its covers more than Rolling Stone. True dat. Garnier and Rolling Stone have joined forces to "make rock and roll history" by presenting an unsigned band on the cover, a band chosen by popular vote. Meh. Sadly, I think this speaks less to genius ideas and more to the problem of the dwindling readership that Rolling Stone has. But, it's going to take a genius idea to solve that problem, so I'll just shut up about that. The Sheepdogs are the winning band. That's not a good sign, their name being Sheepdogs. It makes me think Sheep dog, which does not make me think FASHION. Peter belts, though he's got a mic I'm sure, that it's not all about music for musicians. It's also about having an iconic style. He says that their challenge is to take The Sheepdogs to the next level, creating a signature style for them while staying true to who they are as artists. The winning look will be feature in an advertorial in Marie Claire as well as in Rolling Stone. Everyone seems psyched. Everyone but Bert. He's too busy thinking about that time he drank reposado out of a toothbrush holder at Gloria Gaynor's house then made out with Karen Carpenter's tour manager. Memories? Was Tim there?

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