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The designers were paired with guys to create looks for their wives or girlfriends. Olivier was beside himself designing for a person who moves and breathes. Josh won the challenge, while Bryce got the boot.

Once again, the sun has risen over the Atlas Building. No offense to him because he seemed lovely, but, with Bryce gone, it seems like the designers are aware that it's totally game on. Everyone here is strong now. Josh says that the competition is exhausting and you have to have a lot of endurance to... endure. Anya interviews that everyone who remains (including Bryce, I'd imagine) are friends, but "friends are friends until there's high stakes." If that doesn't solve the mystery of the food poisoning of the entire Scandavian bloc of Miss Universe contestants in 2008, you're not paying attention. Olivier tells us that he started the competition strong, got lost along the way and is trying to get back into the winner's circle. Oh, Olivier. He seems less and less capable of life in the real world to me. All the time. Maybe he's really uncomfortable on camera? Or maybe he's doing that thing that I've see young creatives affect -- that sort of savant thing. I don't know, but I wouldn't want to have lunch with it. Anyway, he's a weirdo and I think he's doing it on purpose. Watching the fat people comments now, he knew full well that he was saying something a little rude.

At Parsons, Heidi meets the designers on the runway wearing this short dress with long flowy sleeves with cut-outs at the shoulders that I feel like Nina Garcia would try to set on fire if she could. She tells the designers that she has one thing to say about the challenge: "Image is Everything." Hmm. She tells the designers to go meet Tim. Anthony is pulled into this show's ridiculous game of Let's Decipher Heidi's Frankly Usually Indecipherable Clue About The Challenge and wonders if they'll be looking at old pictures of rock stars. I feel like maybe the designers have started to refuse to play along to this game and are being fed words from a refrigerator jumble magnet poetry set or something. I would say, "Flowers. Verily."

The designers are to meet Tim at.... OK, I'm back. I just spent a really long time figuring out what the hell Heidi just said. Her accent is usually not a problem, but the word "Rockwood" may be her Waterloo, though you might think she's saying "Rotterloo," as she seems to pronounce those consonants the same way. Time Warner and I need to talk about them fixing the closed captioning on my cable. So, they aren't meeting Tim at Walkwood Music Hall, because there is no such place. Instead, they'll be going to Rockwood Music Hall to hear about the rest of the challenge.

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