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Previously: Keith was asked to leave because he had snuck pattern-making books onto the show, among various other infractions. Bonnie was auf'd and Angela won the challenge -- but not immunity (the winning design is going to be sold in Macy's nationwide. Immunity on top of that would just be decadent).

It's morning at the Atlas apartments, now give us nastiness, tout de suite! Jeffrey obliges with a voiceover saying he was really annoyed that Angela won the previous challenge. He qualifies his disappointment by pointing out that Macy's wasn't the right place for him anyway. Of course not; bunch of phonies.

Michael interviews that he's ready to win something. He wants to leave the show being able to say that he won "at least one challenge." I feel like this season's episodes have been edited to suggest the winners and losers at the beginning of the episode. Maybe they did that in previous seasons as well and I'm only noticing it now. I mean, Michael hasn't said five words this entire season and we begin an episode with him ironing and talking about how he wants to win a challenge? I'm guessing that he's not just going to sink into the background for the rest of the episode. They should just throw like a moment of, I don't know, say, an Uli interview where she's like, "I like sushi." Something to throw us off. I'm hungry now.

Robert interviews that he was really humbled from his near elimination in the previous challenge. He wants to prove to the judges that he can make clothes that aren't boring. The viewers at home are waiting for you to prove that you can not sound boring. Dude is narcoleptic or something. He's always whining like he's about to pass out or something. Sister needs her smelling salts.

At Parsons, Heidi enters the runway. Apparently, her career as a welterweight fighter is taking off -- it looks like she's wearing some sort of championship belt. I can hear her now... "Sometimes floating like a butterfly is in, while stinging like a bee is out."

Things immediately get freaky. Heidi brings the models out and tells them, and the designers, that, for this challenge, the models will be choosing the designer with whom they want to work. It's like an outbreak of cholera up in there -- the shit has hit the fan. Everyone's aghast. Vincent interviews that it's uncomfortable when things are out of the designers' control, which I can only presume is a thinly-veiled reference to his days in a straitjacket in Provo, Utah. What did you expect, Vincent? You insist on taking your clothes off at the DMV, they put you in the huggy coat.

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