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Previously: We met the new designers. Rami won the first challenge, and the lovely Simon Le Bon was sent home.

It's early morning in the Gotham apartment, and Chris March is enjoying a glass of H2O. Rami discusses the elimination of Simone with Christian and Ricky. He says that he wishes Simone had been safe because he liked her and thinks she's talented. He interviews that he thinks Simone has a better understanding of how women should dress than Elisa. Okay, now. You've seen one garment. Granted, it was supposed to express who she was as a designer, but it was still just one dress. Let's lay off the grand pronouncements.

In other news, Elisa is the awesomest. She interviews that, when she was selected to stay in the competition, she was excited to incorporate the judges' criticisms in her "process of creation." Seriously, if Michael Kors doesn't call her "whackadoo" at some point this season, then I don't know him at all. I'm sure she's annoying to some, but I find her sweet and sincere.

On their way out of the apartments, Jack makes like a cheerleader, which seems very appropriate.

Heidi greets the designers on the runway. She's carrying the lovely black velvet button bag! She tells the designers that they will be choosing their models for this challenge. Something has been lacking on the modeling side of the competition since the first season. The models had personalities that first year and haven't really since. And it's not like they've traded the personalities for better-looking models or anything, because though there's a stunner or two each year, I'd say the first-season models were also the most beautiful. Anyway, here's preemptively hoping that this mixes up the whole modeling thing and makes it more exciting. ["Or that they bring back Morgaaaaaanza, who made for great TV." -- Sars]

The models enter the runway in black slips. Rami gets to choose first, because he won the first challenge, and HE STAYS WITH ASHLEY. His loyalty is impressive, and a huge mistake. Ashley leaves the runway, and Heidi starts pulling buttons from the bag. Chris is chosen first and he stays with Marcia, which seems like a good choice because she's gorgeous and he loves her. Kit chooses next and stays with Marie "Antoinette." I don't believe she had that second name last time. Carmen chooses next and stays with Anna. Okay, I'm sure that all these girls may be drop-dead next to the average person, but I'm calling MISTAKE on Carmen's choice. Christian is next, and decides to "stay with the fabulous Lisa." She looks like she might have a spark. Entertain us, Lisa! She's the one who said everyone was the best. That hints at some magic, people. Marion stays with Cheron. I want to call her "Chevron" so bad. She's very lucky she didn't attend third grade with me. Victorya stays with Jacqueline. Ricky says that he wants to try something new, and decides to choose Lea, who was Elisa's model! Both Lea and Wendi, Ricky's old model, have gulpy, uncomfortable looks on their model faces. Ricky interviews that he doesn't care if everyone thinks that he's the bitch that stole Elisa's model, because it's a competition. Actually, I think what everyone thinks at this point is that you're the crybaby, but maybe stealing Elisa's model will help your image. So, Elisa chooses next and takes Aviva, Jack's model! It's getting crazy up in here. Steve stays with Sam. Kevin chooses Jillian's model, Amanda! It's like we're beyond borders here! Nations rebuilt! Jack chooses Christina, Sweet P's model. Could it be that we're due a visit from Mean P? Christina's really lovely. Jillian chooses Lauren, who was Simone's model. Lauren seems really thankful to have been chosen. Finally, it's down to Sweet P, and she chooses Katie, Kevin's original model. That means that Wendi, Ricky's model, is sent home. She's really pretty, too. Good luck, Wendi!

Can anyone explain to me why Ricky is dressed like it's 2002? Wife-beater and trucker cap…NO. And on a fashion designer?

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