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Previously: The designers created their own textiles based on "cultural dossiers" delivered by their mothers or other appropriately intimate intimates. Surprisingly, Elena does not appear to be the daughter of the devil. But, appearances can be deceiving so I'm going to reserve judgment on that one. Gunnar, who was really inspired for the challenge, just couldn't get his construction skills up to par and was sent home. Ven was also given a stern talking to for using that same fan effect in his construction. But, Dmitry won his first challenge and that was very nice.

Hello, Atlas Apartment Building. Dmitry says to Fabio that it's weird not having Gunnar there. Fabio answers that he slept in his bed. Well, that's just the sweetest thing. He interviews that the absence of Gunnar's energy is noticeable. Christopher says to Ven that they got their asses handed to them during the previous challenge. True dat. Ven interviews that it was upsetting being in the bottom two because the challenge (and the hibiscus print that was based on his cultural background) meant a lot to him. He thinks that maybe the judges don't know where he's coming from. It sounds like you're coming from Zombie Town. Pick up the energy, Ven. Ven and Christopher then move to the apartment with Fabio and Dmitry.

In the girls' place, Sonjia sorts who has won challenges and how many they've won in order to arrive at the declaration that Elena is the only person who has not won a challenge. Yeah, everybody needs to hear stuff like that first thing in the morning. Sonjia is gorgeous and talented, but sometimes she has problem with tone, like when she's ragging on the guys being more feminine than the girls. Sometimes, the things she says just sound wrong. Elena interviews that, if she wants to win the competition, she's going to have to step out of her comfort zone and do things that are different for her. She also says that she needs to manage her stress level because it affects how your whole day is going.

The designers meet Tim at a secret location that turns out to be Radio City Music Hall. Oh God... it's getting close to the time when they'll start playing the commercials for the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Spectacular or whatever it's called. They are horrible and insidious and do not leave your brain for hours. The music that the production has prepared for this intro to Radio City is just the worst. It's like what synthesized crap would be used in a porn set in the Wild West. Tim is joined onstage by the Rockettes, which is cool. They (without Tim) perform a routine and everyone is spellbound. Then, Heidi comes out in a matching green outfit (the others are in red) and they make themselves a little kick line. Christopher is dying, he needs his inhaler, he can't breathe. Heidi looks really cute.

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