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High Flying Fashion
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Previously: Robert was judged the loser of the "design for another designer's mother or sister" challenge. Vincent was the winner. The real drama, however, came from Jeffrey, who had a lot of conflict with his model, Angela's mother.

Rise and shine! A shirtless Kayne of Many Colors is stretching and waking up at the Atlas apartments. He interviews that it was sad to see Robert go home because they had a good time making fun of Angela and Laura. He is, however, excited to still be on the show.

Vincent is excited that he won because it will be "a shot in the arm" for the next challenge. I'm wondering if Vincent has had another shot in the arm, a special shot, because he seems subdued. He appears almost...sane. I'm sure I'll eat those words later, but for now...don't worry about hiding the scissors.

Laura is crouched in front of a mirror fixing her hair and has her shirt pulled up, exposing her midriff. Uli says that she can tell now that Laura is pregnant. Laura replies, "So you don't think I'm just making it up to get attention?" I think Laura's the kind of girl you want with you on a road trip. She's not so high-falutin' that she can't eat at a Waffle House, but she's witty enough to make a bunch of good cracks about the crap on the radio and whatnot.

Laura tells us that she has never let being a mother stop her from doing what she wants to do, including having more children, it appears. Six kids! The mannequins wince just thinking about all of that birthing. Laura says that she "absolutely believes [she] should be in the final three."

In the boys' apartment, Jeffrey says that he's not going to let Angela "come down" to smoke a cigarette, "fucking period." I don't really understand the logistics, but apparently Angela is a smoker and can't light up in her apartment. Maybe because of pregnant Laura? I would think roof access would be best for smoking away from people, but I don't really know what this is all about. What I do know is that it looks like we're picking up right where we left off. Jeffrey vs. Angela, Round It's-Never-Stopping. I'm not saying he's being an asshole or anything -- if she's disturbing him because of her habit, that's annoying. Fine, be annoyed. He's telling all of this to a still visibly sentient Vincent, who doesn't seem to really want to hear Jeffrey's bitching. Jeffrey says that Angela woke Michael up a few nights ago because she needed a cigarette. Again, what's wrong with the roof?

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