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The models leave and the designers have another five hours to work. Jay asks Anthony how his fitting went and Anthony says that he's trying to decide whether to ditch the bodice that he's working on and start a new one. Mila interviews harshly that Anthony's taste is questionable. She thinks that he's a joy to have in the workroom and she'll be sad to see him go, if he goes before her, but she can't imagine him designing a collection for Bryant Park. Yeouch. I wish they'd take these bitches to get drunk or something. They are so DRY. They're about to make me want to shorten my Lifetime.

Seth Aaron says that he's confident about his design. It's "him," which makes him laugh like a total nerd. "Obviously, I created the fabric!" I'll meet you on the lawn for a game of Quidditch, Seth Aaron. Anthony tells Maya that he has decided to scrap his original top. It was too cumbersome and didn't even really fit that well. He says that he's trying to work through his reality, as well as the reality of what may happen to him the next day at the judging. We hear him whisper to himself, "What did I do to deserve this?" I don't know, but thank you for reminding me of the Pet Shop Boys. Consider that the soundtrack for the rest of this recap, because I will almost certainly be singing it to myself the entire time I'm writing it.

The next morning, Maya tells Mila that she's exhausted. She didn't sleep the night before. In the boys' apartment, Jay is wearing bright green pants and blow drying his hair. Anthony tells him that he looks like a gay Christmas ornament. Jay does not find this funny. "Why would you say that?" Seth Aaron admonishes Anthony because now Jay is going to want to change clothes. Anthony tries to smooth things over by telling Jay how beautiful he looks, but I think the damage is already done. They must have some sort of counselor or the premises for crises just like this.

In the other boys room, Emilio and Jonathan appear to be putting on their shoes after waking up in their clothes. Jonathan mumbles that it's going to be a nice runway show, then interviews that he's feeling confident about what he has put together for this challenge. However, he acknowledges that he can't be positive of the outcome because "in Project Runway-land, anything can happen."

Is Seth Aaron wearing a fall? He seems to have really long hair on one side of his head today. Perhaps I was just not paying close enough attention to his hair situation up to this point. As they're about to walk out the door, Jay decides to change pants. Everyone groans. Seth Aaron blames Anthony. Emilio playfully acts like he's going to hide Jonathan's glasses as sabotage and they laugh, but Jonathan seems really anxious to get the glasses in his hands. Anthony makes Seth Aaron and Jay join him for a all-hands-in thing. He says that they will leave as three and return as three.

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