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Seth Aaron describes his Brit pop/punk inspiration to Tim. He shows him his textile and says that the tiles are a little larger than he had planned. Tim appreciates the work that Seth Aaron has done already without the print and says that the work with the print needs to match it.

Maya tells Tim that she's having a problem because she's not a print person. Tim looks at her vibrant textile and says that she could have fooled him. She repeats that she's having a problem and adds that she's feeling blocked. "Unblock!" he demands. Yeah, it's really that simple. He reminds her that someone will be going home from this challenge, which is a little more inspiring than telling her to unblock.

It's Anthony's turn to sell his look to Tim. He says that he wanted to celebrate the lines in his pattern without being too literal. He'll do that by showing lines in the skirt and detail in the bodice. Now, I like Anthony, but I'm going to have to call a little bullshit on that explanation. I suppose there's a way to be literal about a bunch of triangular angles, but it actually seems that your detailing and skirt shiz don't have anything at all to do with your pattern. Tim tells Anthony that he's worried that the judges will feel that he wasn't ambitious enough for this project. He insists that Anthony "work away."

Tim leaves and sends in the models for a fitting. Jay's girl thinks that his textile is really cool. As Jonathan is dressing Cerri, he explains that a lot of designers never have this opportunity that they have gotten to design their own textiles. He interviews that he really loves the way his design looks on Cerri. Maya complains, to her model now, about how hard this challenge is for her. She tells her that she likes for her work to be dimensional, but prints are flat. Jesus, it's like she's inventing ways to be stumped by this challenge. That said, she interviews that she wants to win a challenge.

Emilio interviews that Mila's dress is a "white teepee." He says that he's baffled that she could call herself a designer and not be able to work with color. I mean, I guess he's correct that she's not gifted with combining bold colors, but there's certainly something to be said for restraint. Bold colors that often come off as tacky are no better than a bunch of blacks and grays. I just think maybe I'm not that big a fan of Emilio's work. I find it sort of obvious a lot of the time. A lot of it is certainly sexy, but I just don't find it that compelling. Mila interviews that she is confident with her color and fabric choices. She is taking a risk but feels that it's necessary at this stage of the competition. She also feels that she is trying to take the advice of the judges.

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