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In the sewing room, Anthony tells Maya that her look seems to be coming along beautifully. She thanks him and says that she likes her print but reveals that she's not sure how "her" it is. She can't be as sculptural with this challenge as she would normally be, so she's still trying to figure out what to do.

Tim enters for consultations. He tells everyone that he's very eager to see the outcome of their custom textiles. He starts with Mila. Her dress is floor-length and she starts her presentation by saying that it looks evening, but isn't. Tim is a little confused and asks her if she's trying to make it look evening or not. She isn't, which confuses him further. Isn't floor-length evening by definition? His question, not mine. She wants it to look like a maxi dress for a Spring "event." Now, when you say "event," that makes it sound like you do, in fact, intend for it to be a formal dress. Words! He thanks her and, as he walks away, she says, "Thanks, TG." You know, if someone else pulled that, I probably wouldn't care. That said, No, Mila.

Jonathan (and get ready for some REAL words) explains that he designed a three-piece "suite." He sees his design as early Spring. He's making a light-weight leather jacket that wraps to the back. Underneath, he's making a "prim" little dress with his print fabric. Tim questions the proportion of a different fabric at the neckline to the print fabric. Jonathan tries to clarify where Tim thinks there's too much/too little fabric, but he doesn't really do that. He just tells him to think about it.

Tim doesn't understand Emilio's graphic. Emilio explains that it's "ESOSA," But Tim still wonders if "SA stands for Seth Aaron?" Oh, that's funny. And so completely weird, for everyone. Tim has to be thinking, "Does he know this isn't a team challenge?" Emilio, meanwhile, would be thinking, "What? I'm some sort of freaking weirdo stalker? I just put people's names in my clothes? I'm not THAT fucking tired, TG." Tim still sees Seth Aaron. WEIRD. Seth Aaron is even looking over at this point. I hope he can't really hear what they're saying. Emilio assures him that he did not put someone else's name on his fabric, but Tim's kind of not giving up on this. He says that it's all he sees and he'll have to recalibrate his brain to understand Emilio's stalkery print. Um, moving on. Emilio explains that he wanted to create a '40s silhouette with a graffiti print textile. He wanted the print to be the thing. Tim assures him that the print is the only thing, for, without it, he's making a pretty basic silhouette. Emilio correct him -- it's a "classic" silhouette. Damn, some heavy shade is being thrown here and about in that workroom. Emilio interviews that Tim "mocked" his work. Hmm, that's interesting. I didn't necessarily see that as mocking, but... there's certainly room for interpretation. Meanwhile, Emilio continues and says that he does not listen to Tim whether he likes it or not. Now, I'm not sure if Emilio was playing a little fast and loose with grammar there, but did he just say he never listens to Tim? Well, I know he said that, but I wonder if that's what he meant.

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