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Mila says that she's really excited to start working with her own fabric. She says that it will look like crap if the colors are off. Hmm, the buzz, Mila, is that it may look like crap even if it comes out exactly as you intended. Jonathan, who is working on some shiny thing on his dress form, says that he's feeling really good about what he has accomplished as they leave the workroom that evening. He speaks for everyone in the room and says that they are all excited to work with their self-designed textiles.

At the apartments that evening, Seth Aaron takes... A PHONE CALL. Is this the end of Seth Aaron? They make us like you right before they kill you. It's his wife and she wishes him a happy birthday. He just says thanks and asks how the puppy is. I wish I were that nonchalant about my birthday. I try to be but have yet to get over the conditioning that I'm the most important person in the world on my birthday. It's so stupid. Anyway, we see a picture of Seth Aaron with his wife and children, a boy and a girl who appear to be in their early to mid teens. Seth Aaron had his family pretty young. That's interesting that he's still pursuing his creative endeavors with such heavy responsibilities. Maybe his wife makes the moolah? In any event, I admire him for sticking to his dreams. He tells us that it will affect his purpose if he thinks too much about how he misses them. He's there to win Project Runway. I'm confused by exactly what he's trying to say. He says that he loves them and hangs up his T-Mobile Sidekick!

The next day, the designers return to the workroom to find their textiles waiting for them. It's seriously Christmas. Everyone seems thrilled. Anthony exclaims to his fabric, "I love you and I don't even know you yet!" Jonathan, who was worried because the print-out of his design wasn't clear, is ecstatic with how his turned out. Mila remarks to Maya that her print is incredibly vivid. Then, she asks if she intended it to be so vivid, which sounds a little undermine-y. But, Maya says that she did indeed intend for it to be vivid.

Mila, who must be making the rounds, doesn't understand Emilio's print. It's "ESOSA," with a heart standing in for the "O." Mila interviews that she thinks it's one of the worst in the room. She says that Emilio is very good at fitting things, but she feels that his taste is questionable. You know, Mila should shut up, but she has a point there. I'm not a big fan of Emilio's taste. He's absolutely thrilled with his textile. He says that he feels that he has a very powerful look in front of him. I think that sentence sort of got away from him towards the middle.

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