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Emilio decides to start draping a bustier for his look. He gets it on the dress form and decides that he hates it. Anthony tells him to look at it as if it were created by one of the other designers and he was seeing it come down the runway. So, it sounds like Anthony just told him to rip it apart. Nice job there, Machiavelli Devereaux.

With three hours remaining until the end of the day, Emilio gets a message from his viscera: Abort bustier. He just doesn't like what he has made and decides that he needs to start over. He interviews that, as a designer, he has the right to change directions whenever he feels like it. Why so defensive? It's more like, you have the responsibility to change directions when your intuition is speaking to you via viscera.

Maya is quietly walking around when Anthony stops her and asks if she'd dyeing something. She isn't. However, she may have just committed a felony. Maya is hiding something. She interviews that she's worried about this challenge because she does not typically work with prints.

Next, Anthony presents us with an ingenious, though ultimately fallible, theory: Beyonce is responsible for the problems in his life. You see, a Beyonce song can make you feel like you are a size four and capable of conquering the world. Why hasn't Beyonce sung any songs about the unemployed? I'm going to speak for Beyonce here, as I am wont to do. OK, Beyonce is not there to explain or describe your life. Beyonce is not Joyce Carol Oates. Beyonce is there to inspire you, mostly to dance or buy make-up and an Amex, but also to become the person who is a size four and capable of conquering the world. I'm glad we've had this time to discuss that Anthony. Continue entertaining the room. Jay interviews that everyone loves Anthony and he thinks that Anthony's not even trying to be funny. He loves that about Anthony. We hear Anthony go off on a tangent about how, when he's on the Oprah show, he wants to be on the show where she's giving everyone on a car. He doesn't want to be on the show about women talking about their husbands' porn addiction. Also, his Uncle Leroy suffers from a porn addiction. Anthony tells us that he's not making an effort to entertain the workroom. In fact, even when he is pouring his heart out to someone in great seriousness, people still laugh. It's like the Midas touch. Then, we see Anthony laugh-scream. I don't know if Anthony is actually even interested in being taken super-seriously, but, if that's the case, he should know that a laugh-scream is really hard to erase from someone's memory. You may be talking about the industrial agricultural complex and it's effects on the US worldwide education standings, but, chances are, the person you are talking to is only going to remember the laugh-scream. I can't cite anything, but I'm pretty sure that's scientific.

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