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I Don't Want To Wear Legos

After the designs have been sent to the manufacturers, Tim enters to take the designers to Mood. Once there, Tim tells the designers that they will be given $100 and 20 minutes to shop. Emilio lets out some breath, indicating that he's a little anxious about those parameters. Tim says that, after all of the time they had to create the textile, they should know what they're doing. Really? What if you're not a painter and you just spent an hour trying to figure out how to paint something? I mean, Vivienne Tam did not create the picture that inspired her print, right? Why didn't they give the designers the option of taking a few pictures or something? Anyway, everyone looks at Tim like, "Yeah, we're assholes. We don't know EXACTLY what to do after spending an hour trying to create a textile design. As if the two things even go together. Tim." You know the look I'm talking about, don't you? They kind of laugh like they're exhausted and agreeing but also a little like they're refusing to actually engage with the question at all.

As they commence shopping, Emilio tells us that he sketches several designs at once and they fabric he finds determines the sketch that he goes with. Anthony is looking in a swatch book and believes it to resemble algebra. Seth Aaron tells us that he is using color for this challenge (specifically yellow, which he loves) and is inspired by a British pop-punk aesthetic. I have missed the Spice Girls. Everyone shops like mad then heads back to Parsons.

At the workroom, Emilio tells us that he is making three pieces: a jacket, a skirt an a top. He figures that, with extra time for the challenge, the judges will expect to see more work. Mila says that her plan of attack is to create a strapless v-neck dress. Is that what we call strapless dresses? You wouldn't just call that a plunging neckline? She says that she will be using her striped textile on one entire side of the dress. She has some yellow fabric that she puts over her head and says, "Hi Jonathan, I'm sunshine!" He says that it's the brightest yellow he has ever seen, but what he's really saying is, "You're not Amy. Shut up." Wait, was that me or Jonathan? Both? Either way, someone was thinking of saying it. Jay interviews that there is something wrong with Mila's self-made textile. Anthony agrees. He says that, when we're children, we like to play with legos, but "I don't want to wear legos. I just want to play with legos."

Jonathan is showing Seth Aaron his textile design, but it's so light that it didn't show up in the mock-up. Jonathan is worried that it might compromise his initial vision. Mila asks Anthony what he's making and he replies, "so far, an ass out of myself." Silly Anthony. He says that he wants to try something new for this challenge. Mila says, kind of tauntingly, "Anthony's trying separates again!" So he is. He wants to create an edgier look, but he says that he's already feeling weird about it. He says under his breath that he is praying for the jacket he's making since he has never made one before.

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