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Seth Aaron says he's excited by this challenge, because he has never gotten the chance to create his own fabric. This really is a terrific advertisement for this HP product. We see Seth Aaron painting on the screen. Jay has never gotten the opportunity to create his own fabric either. As we see him painting, he interviews that it's exciting, challenging and nerve-wracking all at the same time. Anthony is not feeling so good. He says that prints are not normally a good thing for "Anthony." Whoa! Did he? Yes. Wow. Has he done that before? Anthony, before your wagon travels any closer to Kayne Of Many Colors territory, I beseech you to reconsider. Anyway, despite having to create a print and the crossing-my-fingers for temporary aphasia that he just experienced, Anthony's going to try to remain calm.

Mila says that, for her textile, she'd like to emulate paint dripping down on a canvas. She does this with a paintbrush and feels as if she's really painting. Jonathan is a smarty-pants. He says he's using a subtractive technique to create his pattern. I guess he's referring to using negative space as opposed to positive space? I don't know, but it sure sounds fancy. He adds that it's scrolling and organic, which he finds very painterly. I like it when he says things that I don't really understand.

Emilio says to Seth Aaron that he's having a lot of fun and wants one of these HP set-ups for his personal use. Seth Aaron says that he wouldn't need a TV anymore if he had one of his own, which is as close to a bald-faced lie as we've heard on this show this season. Yeah, you'd sit around painting on your computer instead of watching iCarly. No one believes you, Seth Aaron. Emilio interviews that branding is a huge part of success in fashion, so he has chosen to do a graffiti print with his initials. He grunts and says, "Bryant Park, here we go."

Anthony asks Seth Aaron if they have time to make a test print of their design. Seth Aaron instructs him that he need only press "print" and a giant copy will be created by the giant printer on the other side of the room. I worked in a design office once where I had to make copies on an older version of that thing and everyone was a bitch and I couldn't get anyone to tell me how to figure it out. My bosses thought I was just being a perfectionist when it took forever. They were wrong. I was stumped and stupid. Maya says that she wants to show the judges that she can use color. Her tactic is to use black. But, there is some red and bright orange in it as well.

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